Monday, 18 October 2010

Real Wedding: MJ & John

Wedding planning brings the best and worst of times. The moment you first try on the veil {best}, finding your perfect venue {best}, arguing with your Mum over cake stands {worst}. I've given myself 16 months to organise my wedding, but with 7 months to go, I'm already feeling the pressure. MJ and John completely put me to shame, because they organised their wedding in six weeks. That's right people, it's possible to organise a wedding this beautiful in just 42 days - OMG! Seriously impressive details include the gothic candlesticks and flowers - I'm loving the autumn shades of yellow and orange and the gorgeous bower, under which they were married. MJ's dress is exquisite, and her veil is the perfect combination of simplicity and detail. Stunning photographs from the lovely Amelia Lyon - we love her work!

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