Monday, 25 October 2010

Smelling like Roses

Roses represent love, so it's no surprise that they feature in most bridal bouquets and buttonholes. Unfortunately modern blooms have lost their scent, as it's sacrificed by modern growers in favour of larger buds and longer stems. But if you want deeply scented, old-fashioned blooms at your wedding, all is not lost! David Austin supplies roses with a traditional flower form and classic myrrh fragrance, all by post.

Budget conscious brides and grooms could always add another scented flower to add fragrance to otherwise scentless bouquets.  Narcissus, fresias and lillies are all cheaper than roses, but smell fabulous!  And for an all encompassing aroma, scatter lavender and rosemary underfoot.  As your guests walk around, they'll crush the leaves and release a gorgeous Provencial perfume.

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