Thursday, 28 October 2010

Real Wedding: Tess & Eric

This wedding is a HUGE treat for the eyes.  I've been getting excited about putting it up for a few weeks now, because it's a complete explosion of creativity.  And the best thing?  It was pretty much all DIY'd by Eric and Tess, with the help of their immensely talented friends and family, including three, yes three photographers.  Huge thanks to all of them for agreeing to let me publish their pics - do check out their links.  Don't miss the shot of their caterers, Skillet Street Food's Airstream, which has to be the coolest kitchen in the world.  And now....feast your eyes - this has to be one of the most inspiring weddings ever!

All the photos above published with massive thanks to Annie Beedy.

All the photos above published with massive thanks to January Fredericks.
All those below, with thanks to Will Austin.

Check out their gorgeous stationary - I just adore the forest theme, and it gave guests a brilliant hint of what was to come on their big day.  Photos below published with big thank you's (again!) to Annie Beedy.

Message from Tess:
We were very lucky to have talented friends involved in our wedding. In addition to having photographers donate their work we also had musician friends play at the ceremony. Our best friend, a very socially adroit and funny funny man, became ordained so that he could marry us; he had everyone guffawing and crying by turns throughout the ceremony.  A florist friend did all of the flowers, and an old family friend made the birch candlesticks. My mother foraged for the birch bark, which I fashioned into cuffs for the vases. Eric and I designed all the creative elements and we also designed both of my rings. In short, Eric and I were able to benefit from all the best elements of being part of a large creative community.

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  1. A fantastic blog for exploring themes and discovering the smaller details which make a wedding so special. Keep it up Georgia!


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