Monday 18 October 2010

Secret Garden

Wedding themes can be based on anything - a favourite necklace, a film, a book you've read, or every colour of the rainbow. I've chosen a Secret Garden for my theme, partly because our venue is a walled garden, and partly because of a vintage key I picked up in New York and my Alex Monroe bumble-bee necklace, which my mum gave to me as a 30th birthday present. Once you've chosen your theme, the best way to come up with ideas is to search Etsy - it's a collection of the world's most creative minds, and it's chock-a-block of gorgeous products. Here are just a few of my finds - what theme have you chosen?

Product Credits {clockwise from top left} - 1. Creations 4 Brides, 2. Which Goose, 3. Tulaloo, 4. Paper Platypus, 5. Chloe AND Maddie,  6. Which Goose

Product Credits {clockwise from top left} - 1. Silver Lining, 2. JL67, 3. Enormous Champion, 4. SMV Designs, 5. That Final Touch, 6. A Remark You Made

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