Thursday 28 January 2016

Statement Wedding Dresses by Zahavit Tshuba

Brides looking to make a serious statement with their wedding gown should look no further than Zahavit Tshuba. This fabulously bling-y designer from Tel Aviv, makes the most swoon-worthy gowns. Ornate lace, frothy trains, exquisite beading, and sequin bustiers - they all make an appearance in her latest collection. It's seriously sexy stuff - just take a look! You can buy Zahavit Tshuba's gowns from Les Trois Soeurs online, or from their London Canary Wharf boutique.

Friday 22 January 2016

My Favourite Wedding Photo Prop {this week!}

Today I will be mostly adoring these moustache straws, and wondering whether I can organise a moustache themed party in their honour. What do you reckon? They'd also make the most amazing talking point at your wedding, and create hilarious wedding photographs. We had stick on moustaches at our wedding, and everyone loved them! Wedding photo-prop moustaches available from Little Retreats!

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Thursday 21 January 2016

Incredible Colourful Ombre Wedding Cakes

No matter what your mother says, wedding cakes don't need to be white. In fact, the current trend for 2012 is for ombre cakes. Not sure what ombre means? Me either until I looked it up - apparently it's a fashion word, meaning the graduation of colour in a garment, or in this case, cake. I'm loving the tone changes, and the romantic ruffles. And if your mother insists on white, you can choose a secret, ombre interior, and surprise your guests! What are you going to choose for your wedding cake?

Monday 18 January 2016

How to Buy Your Wedding Dress For Less

As soon as you get engaged, people are going to start asking you about your wedding dress. Have you found one yet? Do you know what style you're going to go for? Which is your favourite designer? I had no idea. In fact, I found the whole process just a little daunting. There's a certain amount of pressure to go with a group of girlfriends, and drink champagne, and enjoy that moment when they put the veil on, and everyone cries a bit. That wasn't ever going to work for me, because I like shopping on my own, and I was very conscious that all my girlfriends have busy lives, and I didn't want to be all bridezilla and insist they came with me shopping every Saturday. So I did a bit of shopping on my own, and quickly realised that I didn't like most dresses. I also found it hard to organise appointments, and I got a bit fed up having to travel all around London to go to all the shops. Why can't they all just be on one street? So it was a grumpy bride that stumbled out of the rain into Delphine Manivet. That's where I found my gorgeous gown, the Anatole. But man was it pricey! And that's why I loved this email from a Before the Big Day Reader, Annie.

Hi - Just stumbled on your blog, I absolutely love it! That's been the best part of wedding planning reading all of these amazing blogs! I was just wondering if your Delphine Manivet wedding dress was the Rapheal style and if you were thinking about selling it at all as I am trying to buy a second hand one as it is over my budget but completely to die for! Annie x

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