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Sunday 31 May 2020

The Do's and Don'ts of Buying Bridesmaids' Dresses

There's a first and a last time for everything, and your wedding will be the only occasion you get to choose what your best friends wear. It's a crazy position of power. Even if they hate it, they have to smile sweetly, and walk down the aisle in front of everyone. So choose carefully, or you could end up with a frenemy for life..... To save you from social suicide, here are Before the Big Day's Do's and Don'ts of Buying Bridesmaids' Dresses.

1. Don't take your girlfriends shopping to help you choose. It'll end in disaster. Even worse, don't take one friend with you, or all the others will take it out on her, because you're beyond reproach as 'the bride'.

2. Don't spend too much money. They will never wear this dress again. I know, you hope they will, but they won't.

3. Choose a colour and stick to it. The photographs just look a million times better if you dress everyone the same. Make this hue your 'theme colour' for the whole wedding, and make sure it's one that suits your colouring. Ash blondes should choose pastel tones, honey blondes look good around autumnal shades, and brunettes can carry strong jewel pigments.

4. Unless all you're a model, and all your girlfriends are professionally good-looking, size 8 and promise not to get pregnant before your big day, choose a company that makes gowns to suit every body-shape.

We love BHLDNMonsoon, Ghost and ASOS has an amazing selection of bridesmaids' dresses at every price point, plus fabulous sales. Look out for Needle & Thread at the top of the market, and TFNC for more reasonable gowns.

Maids to Measure have a brilliant selection and you can either visit their London boutique, or buy online {use the code sharingiscool for 20% off, for a limited time only}.

5. Try not to worry to much about making your girls feel great in their gowns. Ultimately this is your chance to shine, and they'll have their day. 

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Monday 16 January 2017

Planning Your Wedding: Day 1 of Wedmin

Did you know? More people get engaged on New Year's Eve than any other date bar Valentine's Day. And with one recently gone, and the other fast approaching, it's fair to say there's a lot of newly engaged girls walking around, admiring their sparklers. In my family alone, I've got two new brides-to-be, and I'm getting crazy-excited about potential dates, themes and photographers. So if you're feeling butterflies-in-the stomach happy, or indeed nervous about wedmin (wedding + admin = blogger-speak), here's one word of advice......Pinterest. Any ideas you might have, pictures you might like, photographers you spot - just save them onto Pinterest. It's the easiest way to save and share ideas. Check out my Before the Big Day Pinterest page to get you started, or for those of you who like to old-skool style stationery, here are a few of my favourite planners.

Friday 19 August 2016

Pretty English Garden Themed Bridesmaid Accessories

Thanks to this stunning sunshine, I've been spending hours in the garden, playing with my boys, and dreaming about the perfect English summer wedding. Think fluttering bunting, colourful kaleidoscopes of dahlias, the chinking of champagne glasses and the delicate strains of a string quartet floating in the air. The shops are full of pretty floral accessories for your bridesmaids, gift them a few of these pieces and they'll look 'blooming' amazing!

{I want this!} Clockwise from Top Left: 1. Byron Lars Brocade Garden Floral Sheath Dress, £66.36 {70% off} | 2. Pearl Wreath Hair Clip, £15.16 {50% off} | 3. Terraced Garden Dress in Pink, £138 | 4.  Secret Garden Stud Earrings, £55.16 | 5. Gracie Floral Necklace, £55.16 | 6. Raphaella Booz Botanical Heels, £49.56

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Friday 18 December 2015

Giant Gold Glitter Bow for Your Bridesmaids

It's a well known fact that whatever dress you choose for your bridesmaid, she'll hate it. And she'll never wear it again. It's just one of those things you have to accept as a bride, and a best friend. But that doesn't mean you can't choose an accessory that she'll wear again, and I have just the thing! Take a look at this fabulous giant gold glitter bow. Created by Lovely Littles and Co, they come in every colour, and they'd make the perfect presents for your bridesmaids. Buy them early, and they can wear them at Christmas!

{I want this!} Giant gold glitter bow by Lovely Littles and Co

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Wednesday 25 November 2015

Totally Tropical Boho Bridesmaid Dresses

Random fact of the day - I'm planning a tropical themed New Year's Eve party {long story}. As part of my research for fun ideas, and what to wear, I stumbled upon the most incredible bridesmaid dress company E-V-E-R. If you're a boho bride, or fun-spirited, or just love a good print, you're going to fall head-over-heels for this brilliant brand called Show Me Your Mumu. Created by two fabulous girls who live in New York, their website is stuffed to the rafters with fantastic gowns, playsuits and getting ready robes. Be warned - you'll come away wanting an Hawaiian themed big day!

Monday 9 March 2015

Brilliant Bride & Bridesmaid Presents

Every year, I allow myself the luxury of a smart Smythson diary. As a stationery lover, the gilt-edged, pale blue, featherweight paper, teamed with soft lambskin makes my heart melt. But this year, my husband's grumbling at the cost {£180!} encouraged me to look further afield. Surely there must be something suitably decadent available, but without the hefty price tag? Well I'm thrilled to say I found the answer! Sloane Stationery offers beautiful handcrafted notebooks in a variety of sizes and colours, and I am over the moon with my 2015 diary in aqua blue. All their products can be personalised, and they're the perfect birthday present or hostess gift. Take a look a this stunning I Do Notebook for Brides, which you can personalise with your name, or why not order a few for your bridesmaids' presents. They also make matching photo albums for your wedding pictures. Sloane Stationery - elegant yet fun, and crazily reasonable. Check them out, you won't disappointed… I’ve certainly been converted!

Written by guest contributor Lou Marmabachi

{I want this!}
  I Do Personalised Notebook for Brides from Sloane Stationery, £49

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Tuesday 9 December 2014

Pretty Rainbow Wedding Journals

Planning your wedding? These pretty leather-bound journals from Jackdaw Bindery are the perfect way to record your creative musings and inspirational wedding ideas. I love the rainbow pages, but you could choose your signature wedding colour instead, and add a monogram or motif. I'm ordering one for a friend to use as a pregnancy diary, and they'd make lovely presents for your bridesmaids. Each journal is handmade in Chichester by Louise Knight-Richardson, who's a professional book-binder by trade - I love how romantic and Victorian that sounds!

{I want this!} Leather-bound journals, from £19 by Jackdaw Bindery

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Wednesday 9 July 2014

Brilliant Bridesmaid {Dressing} Gowns

Did you know about the tradition to give your bridesmaids a present on your wedding day? I completely failed!! I had an idea to give them all a pair of espadrille slippers, but never actually got round to buying them. So I wish I'd discovered these heavenly robes by Girl with a Serious Dream before now. Their signature Samantha silk robe has an easy, draped fit, and comes in a range of divine colours. I love the kimono style of the sleeves, and the luxury feel. Choose a selection in your wedding colours, and they'll make your getting ready photographs look fab! P.S. Buy this one for yourself - it's a honeymoon must-have!!

{I want this!} Samantha silk robe, £102 by Girl with a Serious Dream

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Monday 7 July 2014

Just the Cutest Flower Crown in the World

There must be something in the air post-Glastonbury, because I've seen more girls wearing flower crowns than ever before! I have to admit, I'm a massive fan - there's something delightfully boho about wearing flowers in your hair, and if I had my time again, I'd dress all my bridesmaids in them. My latest discovery is this pretty from Mari Style Couture, who's based in Belarus! Each flower is carefully hand sculpted from air dry clay, which is non-toxic, soft and flexible. You can request whatever design you want, so your crown can exactly match your wedding flowers. Personally I'm in love with the peonies, but if you wanted a more subtle look, you could always go with the rose hair clip.

{I want this!} Bridal Flower Crown, £96 | 2. Rose Hair Clip, £24 , both by Mari Style Couture

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Monday 16 June 2014

Truly Wearable Silky Wrap Bridesmaids Dresses

If I had a £ for every real wedding I'd featured that included Dessy bridesmaids dresses, I'd be a very rich wedding blogger indeed! There's no doubt their gowns are gorgeous, and super-wearable, but I'd like to break their hold on their wedding world, and recommend a new, boutique designer. Hiding behind these life-rings is the 'Octopus Infinity Wrap Dress', designed by Coralie Beatrix! It's a special gown that converts into several different styles - depending on your bridesmaids' style. The gowns come in a massive array of colours, and in multiple sizes - from child-size, to maternity and plus size. I love the luxurious silky jersey satin fabric, and the fact you can pimp your gown with a mermaid train! P.S. Another recommendation from Before the Big Day Real Brides is House of Brides for bridesmaids gowns.

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Wednesday 11 June 2014

Chic Separates for Summer Wedding Page Boys

Are you having pageboys at your wedding? I was supposed to have my nephew, but it didn't quite work out. The plan was for him to walk down the aisle ahead of me, with a sign saying 'Here Comes the Bride', but unfortunately he fell asleep just before his big moment! To be fair, he was only one, and now I've got my own little son, I realise how impossible they are to manage. I also had no idea what I wanted my nephew to wear. In the end, my mum picked him up this outfit from M&S, and he looked super cute. {See pictures of my wedding}.  If you fancied going for something a little more bespoke, on of my real brides discovered Little Linens, and I've since become a huge fan of their chic separates. They're great for flowers girls and bridesmaids dresses as well {although for me Monsoon has cornered that market}, but their real strength is their pageboy range. Take a look! Now all you've got to do is keep them clean until the group photographs.....

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Saturday 22 March 2014

Whimsical Wishbone Bracelet for Your Bridesmaids

I'm always on the hunt for the perfect present for a girlfriend. One of my best friends is just amazing at gifts {for my birthday she gave me a stunning star necklace from Liberty}, and I'm always playing catch-up! So when I spotted these whimsical wishbone bracelets, I knew I had to share. Not only are they a great little birthday present, they'd work perfectly as bridesmaids gifts. Weddings are all about wishing for a fabulous future, and with your bridesmaids wearing these little charms, nothing could go wrong on your big day! I'd even tie one to my bouquet!

{I want this!} Wishbone bracelets, £12.45 by Sea and Cake

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Wednesday 5 March 2014

Romantic Fluffy Wedding-Day Petticoats

It only took once glance for me to fall in love with these incredible petticoats from Doris Designs. They're just so pfoofy!! Brides looking for a unique look could add them to their wedding gown, or why not enhance the shape of your bridesmaids' dresses with a bit of bounce? You could choose matching or contrasting colours to suit your wedding theme. Doris designs and sells the petticoats for adults and children, and I've completely fallen for the skirts in toddler sizes. SO cute!

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Friday 3 January 2014

Ethereal Boho Bridesmaid & Flower Girl Dresses

There's something eternally romantic about a gaggle of flower girls and page boys following a bride up the aisle. I always wanted lots of little girls at my wedding, but when it came to the date, no one I knew had any daughters. In the end I just had five grown-up bridesmaids, and one page boy, who ended up sleeping through the whole ceremony, completely missing his 'Here Comes The Bride' flag-waving moment. If I had my big day again, then I'd definitely dress my flower girls in these whimsical gowns from I Love Gorgeous. They're pretty and feminine, and I love the styling of their 'Midsummer Night's Dream' shoot. Feast your eyes on the stealworthy wedding detailing, from strawberry baskets, vintage china, sparkly shoes, LOVE balloons and that giant flower pomander. Styling by Mary Mathieson for I Love Gorgeous, photographs by Christina Wilson.

Thursday 31 October 2013

You & Me Ampersand Wedding Necklace

Typography is one of those things that gets me very excited - along with stationery of any sort. I think there's a graphic designer desperate to get out of me....just one without any particular talent! It also means that I'm a magpie for anything ampersand when I spotted this you & me necklace on Tom Design, an Etsy boutique, I knew I had to share it with you. Wouldn't it be a gorgeous piece to wear on your wedding day? Available in silver, and bracelets, they starts at £15. You can also buy single letters, if you want a few for bridesmaids presents!

{I want this!} Ampersand & Initial necklace, £15 from Tom Design

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Tuesday 24 September 2013

Wedding Trends of 2013 - Two-Tone & Ombre Bridesmaids

There was an easier and simpler time, when bridesmaids all just wore the same dress - whatever their height, figure or colouring. But now it's waaaaay more complicated. Wedding shops sell multiple bridesmaids dresses in the same fabric, so your girls can choose their own gowns, and 2013 saw the start of a mega-trend of toning your maids' outfits. There's two versions of this new fashion; two-tone and ombre. Take a look at the pictures below, and see what you think. Personally I'd go with two-tone, because I don't have the colour skills for the ombre shading, although the ombre looks amazing when done right. On the other hand - two-tone is a great way to make your maid of honour stand out from the other bridesmaids. For more bridesmaid inspiration, take a look at my Bridesmaids Pinterest board and Ombre Wedding Theme board. They're packed with fantastic ideas.

Ombre Bridesmaids

{Credit} W. Scott Chester, view full wedding on 100 Layer Cake

{Credit} 1. Unknown | 2. L Hewitt Photography, view full wedding on Style Me Pretty wedding blog

{Credit} Unknown

{Credit} Jerry Yoon Photographers view full wedding on Green Wedding Shoes

Two Tone Bridesmaids

{Credit} Kayla Adams, view whole wedding on Style Me Pretty

{Credit} Buffy Dekmar, view full wedding on Snippet & Ink

{Credit} Apryl Ann Photography, view full wedding on Style Me Pretty Destination

{Credit} Angela Ward Brown

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Monday 16 September 2013

Introducing Fever Designs for Your Wedding Day

How many bridesmaids is too many? I had five, and I would have had more, but I was anxious about the extra costs of a bigger wedding party. Bridesmaids dresses, shoes, accessories and bouquets all add up, and the more girls you have following you down the aisle, the more expensive it's going to get. I've always recommended looking online for reasonably-priced bridesmaids' dresses, and that's why I'm delighted to introduce Fever Designs, as a great bridesmaid boutique. They have a fantastic range of gowns, in all the season's top colours, and none of them will break the bank. My favourites are the Cecelia and Ivy dresses, both of which come in at under £100. As a bridesmaid-in-waiting, I've got my eye on the Ivy gown in Merlot, as I reckon it'll fit in perfectly with my friend's December wedding colour palette. With a colour-pop bridesmaid dress, you can save money on flowers, and give your bridesmaids bushy bouquets of olive leaves, rosemary or eucalyptus. For more ideas, take a look at my Pinterest pages.

This is a Guest Post for Before the Big Day. I only recommend companies that I would wholeheartedly recommend to my friends. Please support the businesses that support Before the Big Day, so that I can keep on searching out wedding fabulousness on your behalf! For my on my Sponsorship Policy, click here.

Friday 6 September 2013

What Dress Style Best Suits Your Bridesmaids?

Have I told you that I'm going to be a bridesmaid in December? I'm SO excited about it! The bride's keen for us to wear a deep red colour to fit in with the her warm wintery colour palette, but that's all I know! We'll probably aim for high street gowns - Debenhams' bridesmaids dresses or something from the summer sales. One of the other girls is going to be six months pregnant, so it's going to be really hard to find a dress that suits us all. It's the same for most brides - invariably your girls are going to be different shapes. Take a look at this fantastic guide on how to make sure they all look fabulous!

Flattering Cuts for Bridesmaids
Infographic by Debenhams
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Friday 30 August 2013

Seven Easy Ways to get The Best Out Of Your Bridesmaids

They're your best girlfriends, they know all your secrets {like that one time, at bandcamp...}, and now you've asked them to be your bridesmaids. But what does a bridesmaid actually do? As a bride who had five fabulous maids, these are my top tips on how to get the best out of your girls. For more bridesmaid inspiration, be sure to check out my Pinterest board.

{Wedding Photographer Credit} Jose Villa

♥ Ask them nicely! It's an honour to be asked to be a bridesmaid, and you want to build some excitement around the anticipation of your wedding day. So take your friend out for glamorous cocktails, and make a bit of an event out of popping the question. This makes it sound like a proposal! But any excuse for cocktails....

♥ You could even send them a card. I featured these gorgeous bridesmaid cards a few weeks ago. Or even a fabulous DIY bridesmaid box, like this one made by Bethany on her blog Rinse Repeat.

{I want this} DIY bridesmaid box made by Bethany on her blog Rinse Repeat.

♥ Make it clear right from the start who is going to be paying for the bridesmaid dresses. Traditionally the bride paid for the material, and the bridesmaids made their own gowns {!}. Unless your friends are particularly crafty, that's sooooo unlikely to happen, so now the bride's family usually foots the bill. If you want all the girls to be wearing matching shoes, then you'll need to pay for those too.

♥ If you're happy for your girls to choose their own dresses within a certain colour palette, then I recommend sending them a swatch of some sort, so they're all on the same page. For my wedding, I told my bridesmaids I wanted them to wear something in soft grey, which in retrospect was a terrible idea, because it meant they had to buy a grey dress {which they might not have wanted to do}, and they all had a different idea of soft grey. The result was a very un-put-together look, which offended my wedding blogger eye!

{Wedding Photographer Credit} Unknown

♥ Be honest about what you want from your hen night. I'm a control freak, so I told my maid of honour exactly what I wanted, and she organised it on my behalf, with just one extra surprise {not a stripper}. If you're like me, then don't be embarrassed to being a little bit bridezilla, this one time. As long as it doesn't involve spending a crazy amount of money, your maid of honour will probably be relieved.

♥ Give them a good sense of the schedule on the morning of the wedding. They need to be ready before the bride, so they can then help you dress. Are they going to be doing their own hair and make-up? Remember they're going to want to look fabulous as they walk down the aisle {all those people looking}, so give them the time to prepare.

♥ There's a lovely tradition that the groom gives the bridesmaids a present on the morning of his wedding. Now it's more likely for the bride to give her girls a piece of jewellery, to wear with their wedding outfits. If you give them a simple designer bracelet or pendant necklace, then every time they put it on, it'll remind them of your big day!

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Thursday 8 August 2013

Pretty Flower Crowns For Your Bridesmaids

If you're a regular reader of Before the Big Day, you'll know that nothing gets me more excited than a good flower crown. That, and bunting. I'm very big on bunting as well! So I hope you won't mind me featuring a selection of particularly pretty pictures of gorgeous headdresses by Rosie of Vintage Posie. The shots were taken by her friend and wedding photographer Kathryn Hopkins, and I'm sure you'll agree they look stunning! I love the wallpaper in the background as well - wouldn't that look great as the backing to your wedding invitations? Lovely wedding inspiration all round!

{Photo Credit} Kathryn Hopkins

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