Wednesday 30 September 2009

♥ Wednesday's Little Bit of Romance ♥

Soppy is not sexy, but I couldn't help myself - this little bottle of romance it just too delicious. It's a Mini Message in the Bottle. Written inside is "I Love You", but you can have any missive you like - just get in touch with The Card Tree, and start spreading the love!  Whatsmore, all readers of Before the Big Day free can get postage - just mention the blog as you check out.

Monday 28 September 2009

Fabulous Favours

If you're thinking of using blue as your accent colour, take a look at these fabulous ideas for wedding favours.  We can't think of a better way to gift your guests!

Product Credits - Popcorn Stickers: Jessica's Design Shop, Personalised Fans: Baumbirdy, Ice Breakers: A Remark You Made, Calligraphy: Lisa Ridgely ; PinWheel: Shana Dreher, Enjoy Bags: Par Day

Tuesday 22 September 2009

@ Website for the Weak @

Cox & Cox - We've gone ga-ga over their Too Have and Too Hold ribbon, Heart Coffee Biscuits, Confetti Cones and Chinese Fortune Sticks.  Don't miss their Wedding Sample Box - full of Favours, it's refundable against orders of £150.

Monday 21 September 2009

BBD Theme: My Initial Idea

Monograms are a marvellous way to make your mark.  Whether you're celebrating your big day in a rented venue, a marquee or your mum's back-garden, make it yours for the day by stamping your initials on every available surface!  And for brides, what better way to celebrate the changing or your name?

Product Credits - Green J's & Red Boxes: Allison Banks, Floor Sticker: Wallspoken Weddings, Monogram: Jessica Design Shop

Saturday 19 September 2009

Take Note!

If you're planning a wedding with over a hundred guests, you can't expect to spend quality time with every individual.  But one way to make each person feel welcome, is to leave a little note on the back of their place-card.  Just a sentence about why they're special to you would be enough - or maybe a short, shared memory?  Anything to give them a glow as they sit down to eat.

Product Credits - Just Married sign and top-left Wedding sign from Cox & Cox

Other ways of 'talking' to your guests without having to actually strike up a conversation, is to decorate your venue with messages.  From a simple 'Wedding' sign pointing out the direction to the reception, to a chalked welcome message on a blackboard - it's good to talk!

Product Credits - Wall Sticker from WallSpoken

And the conversation doesn't have to be one way. Guest-books make a regular appearance at weddings, but for a more original idea, ask your guests to sign a giant platter.  Barefoot Ceramics can provide you with everything you need through the mail, and you can even bake the finished item in your home oven.

Photo Credits Chloe Hall, published with thanks to Steve & Sarah Pirrie

Friday 18 September 2009

Berry Inspirational

Autumn is such a fabulous time to get married, and couples planning their wedding should look no further than the gorgeous English countryside for inspiration.  Blackberries come into season in September, and they're ripe for the plucking in every hedgerow.  Why not ask your family and friends to help pick a few punnets to decorate your cake?  Or you could use the berries in fabulous muddled cocktails or delicious fruit sorbets?  Even the colour of your blackberry-stained fingers could act as inspiration for an accent colour.


If you prefer blueberries or raspberries, check out your local pick-your-own for cheap fruit.  And don't throw away the punnets!  They can be re-used on your big day to house confetti, or as whimisical containers for your table flower arrangements.

If you've got a real glut of fruit, and you're a dab hand in the kitchen, homemade jam makes a gorgeous wedding favour.  If you need a recipe click here.

Product Credits - Labels: Ladybug Labels, Strawberry Tag: Paper Eclectiques
Fabric Jam Lids: My Nesting Box

Thursday 17 September 2009

Edible Treats

One way of creating a truly memorable big day is to surprise your guests - so how making everything edible? Instead of flower displays, buy these baskets of cleverly carved fruit from Edible Arrangements and save on desert!  Alternatively, DIY-it by dipping strawberries and pineapple into chocolate, and arranging them on sticks, in florist foam wrapped in ribbon.

If you're a fan of flowers, then why not add them to your wedding breakfast (or lunch or dinner)?  There's a bunch of blooms that can add colour and curiosity-value to your dishes and drinks.  Hibiscus flowers will slowly unfurl in champagne cocktails, and there's nothing more romantic than a rose-petal, rum cocktail.  Check out this New York Times article for more inspiration, and First Leaf for their fantastic range of tasty petals.

Imagine telling your guests that if they're still hungry after their meal, they can eat their plates! The Edible Plate Company promises that their crockery and cutlery is fully digestible, as it's all made out of cassava.  Perfect if you're planning a picnic or BBQ for your wedding, and what's more, they're totally eco-friendly.

Wednesday 16 September 2009

Mood Boards

Looking for an colour palette? Got a colour in mind, but not sure how to develop it? This is the posting for you, as it includes all the Mood Board features from Before the Big Day en masse! A huge thanks must go to Kathryn from Snippet & Ink for many of the boards. Don't miss her blog! And if you're keen to create your own board, click here for the magical Colour Palette Generator - it's amazing. Meanwhile, for the creative among you, head over over to ulimate wedding blog Style Me Pretty, you can create your own boards.

BBD Themes

Looking for an unusal theme? Got a theme in mind, but not sure on where to shop? This is the posting for you, as it includes all the DIY Theme features from Before the Big Day. Give each one a click, and just feel the inspiration wafting over you!



Being British


Flamenco Passion

Forest Family

Gothic Fantasy

Fairy Tale

Inspiration India

Little Red Riding Hood

Love Birds

Love London


Have you seen Before the Big Day's collection of Real Weddings? Click here for yet more inspiration.

Tuesday 15 September 2009

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Monday 14 September 2009

♥ Real Weddings ♥

Here are all the Before the Big Day Weddings, click on each title to view, and or to go back to the Home page, click on the Before The Big Day title above.

{From left to right: }

From left to right...
 {Above, from left to right: Kerry & Chris, Sara & Jared, 3, 4}

 {Above, from left to right: 1, Amber & Teddy, Vicky & Tom, Karen & Howard}

{Above, from left to right: Elissa & Lee, Sara & Niall, 3, 4}

{Above, from left to right: Fannie & Leonard, Eric & Emily, Allison & Scott, 4th}

{Above, from left to right: Kelly & Steve, Eric & Emily, Lois & Steve, Amy & Jonny}

{Above, from left to right: Ashley & Blake, Lucy & Paul, Alison & Rob, 4th}

{Above, from left to right: Denee & David, Kelly & Brian, Punam & Chirag, Roni & Peleg}

{Above, from left to right: Madeline & Coby, Kristian & Skyler, Vicky & Nik, Jennifer & Andrew}

{Above, from left to right: Christa & Jason, Melissa & Anthony, Wendy & Greg, Carmen & Vincent}

{Above, from left to right: Gwen & David, Johanne & Yuri, 3, Julie & Mark}

{Above, from left to right: Kim & Stephen, Bridget & Jeremy, Crystal & Ben, Claire & Dominic}

{Above, from left to right: Lia & Gerald, Cat & Matt, Stephanie & Will, Esther & Daniel}

{Above, from left to right: Valerie & Jimmy, Carrie & Adrian, Sooji & Dave, Ella & Sam}

{Above, from left to right: Eleni & David, Tyler & Mitchell, Angela & Alex, Jacqui & Aaron}

{Above, from left to right: Suzanne & SimonSarah & Paul, Tamara & Adam, Angela & David}

{Above, from left to right: Catherine & Ken, Sarah & Steve, Kristi & Antony, Elizabeth & Drew}

{Above, from left to right: Erin & Brian, Helen & Gregg, Tess & Eric, Anli & Kenneth}

{Above, from left to right: Jo & Carl, Neha & Neir, Isby & Henry, Sarah & Ben}

{Above, from left to right: Patty & Tim, Melissa & Brett, Sarah & Andy, Sarah & Marlon}

{Above, from left to right: Christine & Michael, Angela & Colin, Kaeli & Drew, Barbara & Aaron}

{Above, from left to right: Kaeli & Drew, Meredith & Scott, Stacey & Drew, Christabel & Devon}

{Above, from left to right: Emily & Neil, Jamie & Adam, Lauren & Chris, Amanda & Jim}

{Above, from left to right: Irene & Quinn, Jade & Chris, Lucia & Phil, Elise & Patrick}

{Above, from left to right: Pooja & Harsh, Ashley & Allen, Erin & SteveJade & Matt}

{Above, from left to right: Angelique & Ricardo, Ashley & Jeff, Jennifer & Ramsey, Christine & Michael}

{Above, from left to right: Brianna & Matt, Erica & Chet, Jamie & Bryan, Jennie & Brian}

{Above, from left to right: Betty & Kent, Lindsey & JeffSheryl & Nick, Jacqui & Lachlan}

{Above, from left to right: Jacqui & Lachlan, Tori & DevonMari & Brendan, Denise & Bobby}

{Above, from left to right: Tricia & Raheem, Uta & Bruce, Emily & Ryan, Cailen & Sean}

{Above, from left to right: Mariam & Ben, Alyssa & Brian, Emily & Jasen, Crystal & Matt}

{Above, from left to right: Ali & Evan, Lauren & Chris, Glory & Avery, Shining & Karl}

{Above, from left to right: Ashley & Matt, Allison & Charlie, Ellie & Dave, 4th}
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