Saturday, 19 September 2009

Take Note!

If you're planning a wedding with over a hundred guests, you can't expect to spend quality time with every individual.  But one way to make each person feel welcome, is to leave a little note on the back of their place-card.  Just a sentence about why they're special to you would be enough - or maybe a short, shared memory?  Anything to give them a glow as they sit down to eat.

Product Credits - Just Married sign and top-left Wedding sign from Cox & Cox

Other ways of 'talking' to your guests without having to actually strike up a conversation, is to decorate your venue with messages.  From a simple 'Wedding' sign pointing out the direction to the reception, to a chalked welcome message on a blackboard - it's good to talk!

Product Credits - Wall Sticker from WallSpoken

And the conversation doesn't have to be one way. Guest-books make a regular appearance at weddings, but for a more original idea, ask your guests to sign a giant platter.  Barefoot Ceramics can provide you with everything you need through the mail, and you can even bake the finished item in your home oven.

Photo Credits Chloe Hall, published with thanks to Steve & Sarah Pirrie

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