Thursday, 17 September 2009

Edible Treats

One way of creating a truly memorable big day is to surprise your guests - so how making everything edible? Instead of flower displays, buy these baskets of cleverly carved fruit from Edible Arrangements and save on desert!  Alternatively, DIY-it by dipping strawberries and pineapple into chocolate, and arranging them on sticks, in florist foam wrapped in ribbon.

If you're a fan of flowers, then why not add them to your wedding breakfast (or lunch or dinner)?  There's a bunch of blooms that can add colour and curiosity-value to your dishes and drinks.  Hibiscus flowers will slowly unfurl in champagne cocktails, and there's nothing more romantic than a rose-petal, rum cocktail.  Check out this New York Times article for more inspiration, and First Leaf for their fantastic range of tasty petals.

Imagine telling your guests that if they're still hungry after their meal, they can eat their plates! The Edible Plate Company promises that their crockery and cutlery is fully digestible, as it's all made out of cassava.  Perfect if you're planning a picnic or BBQ for your wedding, and what's more, they're totally eco-friendly.

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