Friday, 18 September 2009

Berry Inspirational

Autumn is such a fabulous time to get married, and couples planning their wedding should look no further than the gorgeous English countryside for inspiration.  Blackberries come into season in September, and they're ripe for the plucking in every hedgerow.  Why not ask your family and friends to help pick a few punnets to decorate your cake?  Or you could use the berries in fabulous muddled cocktails or delicious fruit sorbets?  Even the colour of your blackberry-stained fingers could act as inspiration for an accent colour.


If you prefer blueberries or raspberries, check out your local pick-your-own for cheap fruit.  And don't throw away the punnets!  They can be re-used on your big day to house confetti, or as whimisical containers for your table flower arrangements.

If you've got a real glut of fruit, and you're a dab hand in the kitchen, homemade jam makes a gorgeous wedding favour.  If you need a recipe click here.

Product Credits - Labels: Ladybug Labels, Strawberry Tag: Paper Eclectiques
Fabric Jam Lids: My Nesting Box

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