Thursday 26 February 2015

Greek Goddess Bride Style

Choosing your 'look' for your wedding day can be difficult, particularly if you're anything like me, and your normal look is pretty thrown together. With two wedding days to plan, I was lucky enough to try two different bridal styles, although both ended up pretty similar {hair up, hair down!}. Whether you're thinking sleek and sexy, or boho and feminine, consider this gorgeous Grecian bride style. With a simple bouquet of olive branches, and an elegant leafy crown, plus a divine Samuelle Couture wedding gown, you're good to go - no need even for shoes! Fabulous styling by Kelly Oshiro, incredible pictures by the lovely Jose Villa.

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Tuesday 24 February 2015

A Detail-Filled Londonl Little Venice Wedding: Part 3

It's time lovely ladies, it's time for the wedding details! I meant to post this last night be jetlag got the better of me. However it means I've been particularly {if accidentally} good at suspense-building. There are so many wedding details pictured in these fabulous Caught the Light wedding pictures, you're going to be slightly blown away. It's a DIY bride's fantasy wedding! Take a look at all the paper decorations, from the handmade origami swan chandeliers, to the striped straw flags and boat place markers. I'm loving the colourful bright theme, the wonderful array of different flower blooms in little vases and the wire table numbers. With blue-striped napkins, a Catch of the Day basket for wedding wishes, a net capturing Lynda and Blair's friends' pictures, and little messages in bottles as favours, every wedding detail is in keeping with the nautical theme. I think I'm in love! Huge thanks to Chloé Browne from Caught the Light for her fabulous pictures. Don't miss the fabulousness that was Part 2, and Part 1!

Monday 23 February 2015

A Detail-Filled London Little Venice Wedding: Part 2

When it comes to wedding transport, it doesn't get much more original than a traditional London barge! But when gorgeous couple Lynda and Blair celebrated their wedding in Maida Vale, it made perfect sense to use the canals around Little Venice to transport their guests from the ceremony venue to the wedding reception at the waterside restaurant, The Summerhouse. I'm loving how Lynda decorated the barge with pompoms {tutorial here}, bunting and paper-hearts. All these wedding decorations are super-easy to DIY - why not get a group of your girlfriends together for a big crafting night before your big day? With personalised button badges and fans as favours, and nautical red and white ribbon decorating the vases, Lynda and Blair's wedding planner, Rebecca at Harlequin & Romance thought of every wedding detail! Huge thanks to Chloé Browne from Caught the Light for her fabulous pictures. Click back later today for the wedding detail-fest that is Part 3, and click here for Part 1!

A Detail-Filled London Little Venice Wedding: Part 1

London brides are going to love this inspirational Little Venice wedding. There are so many wedding details, I've had to split it into three posts - it's a Before the Big Day record! Gorgeous couple Lynda and Blair chose to get married in a local registry office, before taking a barge down the canal {how cool is that!}, to The Summerhouse in Maida Vale for their wedding reception. It's the first time I've seen a barge used as wedding transport, and I love the idea! Lynda carried the watery theme throughout her wedding day, with tonnes of cute nautical wedding details - pictures coming soon in Part 2 and 3 later today. In these shots I'm mostly loving Lynda's elegant Jenny Packham wedding dress, her gorgeous chignon with glittery jewel hair-piece, and her yellow arum lilies bouquet. Blair looks equally dapper in his red tie and matching auburn arum lily buttonhole. Don't miss Lynda's bridesmaids' pretty dresses - the subtle button details are another nod to the nautical theme. Huge thanks to Chloé Browne from Caught the Light for her fabulous pictures - Chloé was my wedding photographer as well, so she's my favourite! Click back later today for more!

Saturday 21 February 2015

A Delphine Manivet Wedding Dress

Have you chosen your wedding dress yet? My gown was by Delphine Manivet, who back then, was a relatively new designer. Now she's stocked in Browns Brides and even dressed Sarah Jessica Parker for a recent awards show in Hollywood. Her dresses are exquisite, and although they're expensive, they're not crazy-money like Vera Wang. Still - it took me a while to get used to the idea of spending so much on a dress, and the only way I could square it in my mind, was to sell it after my wedding day. That way, it got worn more than once, and the cost was halved. Well now my nanny is doing exactly the same thing! She wore the stunning Hyppolite Delphine Manivet gown on her wedding day, and she's keen to sell it to another bride. It's marked Small, so perfect for a Size 6 or 8. Do get in touch with her if you're interested, and if you're a budget-conscious bride {who isn't!}, take a look at my article Five Tips to Get Your Designer Wedding Dress for Less.

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Wednesday 18 February 2015

Stunning Seaside Wedding Shoot

This incredible shoot is fresh from an amazingly talented team over on the west coast of the US, where all the best wedding trends seem to start. With a divine wedding dress by Samuelle Couture and smart nautical stationery by Feast Art and Calligraphy, plus styling by Joy Proctor of Joy de Vivre, I'd be tempted to copy every detail for my wedding! I love the combination of white calligraphy on dark blue, the vintage stamps, and the rustic hessian table cloth. I predict coloured glasses will soon become a huge trend in wedding tablescapes, and I'm pleased to see giant bouquets are still on trend. Another fun idea is a mix-your-own-cocktail trolley - as previewed by my wedding planner Kerry Bracken in her Provence wedding. Photography by the incredible Jose Villa - check out his blog for more fabulous wedding inspiration.

Tuesday 17 February 2015

A Pancake Wedding Theme?

Happy Shrove Tuesday everyone! Now you wouldn't have thought pancakes and weddings were natural bed partners, but you'd be wrong. It only takes a quick search on Pinterest, to discover a veritable plethora of fantastic ideas. From this divine pancake wedding cake, to cute mini-pancake canapé bites, and of course, salmon blini - there's tonnes of inspiration. My favourite idea is the self-service choose-your-toppings stand. Perfect for the couple who love to brunch. It's almost enough to make it worth getting married on a Tuesday.....

{Photo Credit} Ruffled wedding blog

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Monday 16 February 2015

Delicious Decorations for Your Wedding Cocktails

This is a blog post for the bride who {just like me} wants to leave no detail untouched. Who believes everything can be prettified that little bit more. And who likes sugary cocktails. I've recently rediscovered passion fruit caipirinhas, after a year of enforced absence due to pregnancy and breastfeeding, and they're making my world a better place. What would make them even better are these incredible flavoured cocktail sugar rims. Handmade by a husband and wife team in Chicago, they come in every colour and flavour you can imagine, and they make me happy! Buy some for your wedding day, and make your guests happy too! P.S. They also do heart popcorn seasoning....I'm thinking wedding favours?

{I want this!} Cocktail Glass Rimming Sugar, £2.83 by Dell Cove Spice Company {enough to do 15-18 glasses}

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Friday 13 February 2015

Rustic Watercolour Wedding Stationery

What is it that's so romantic about watercolours? There's something about the sweep of subtle colour, that gets me thinking about sunsets and sorbets and Monet's water lily paintings. It's the perfect theme for a summer wedding, and this gorgeous, rustic, watercolour invitation suite from La Pomme et La Pipe would be the perfect introduction of your big day to your guests. I'm a huge fan of this little boutique - do take a look at their whole collection!

{I want this!} Watercolour wedding invitation suite, approx. £5 per invitation set {one invitation, one rsvp postcard, one accommodation card, one envelope} from La Pomme et La Pipe.

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Wednesday 4 February 2015

Real Luxury Lace-Themed Wedding: Jennifer & Kirt

Exquisite summer wedding alert! I've got a complete humdinger for your delectation. It's another Jose Villa wedding, and they're always exquisitely pictured, and chock-a-block with stealworthy ideas. From the elegant candy-striped stationery, to the vintage car and cute dog pageboy, I'm wanting to copy every detail. Recreate the tablescape with a selection of different-sized vases, scraps of lace wrapped round linen napkins, and a sage green table cloth. Add in some antique silver borrowed from a local shop, and you'll be well on the way to extreme elegance.

Tuesday 3 February 2015

A Kite Wedding Theme

Last year DIY pinwheels and pom-poms were very much the 'in-thing' for weddings. They're still huge this season, but I'm on the search for a new fresh idea for 2015! And I think I've spotted a wedding trend in the making.....kites! They're cute and colourful, and easy to DIY, and they'd add just the right lovely of fun and whimsy to your wedding day. They'd also make for fantastic photo props for your wedding photographs and engagement session. Plus I can just imagine your flower girl and page boys flying holding little kites as they walk down the aisle. For more kite wedding inspiration, take a look at my Pinterest board.

Monday 2 February 2015

Not-Too-Pricey French Lace Wedding Dresses

This morning I am mostly loving these beautiful boutique dress by Australian designer Grace Loves Lace. At Grace, they personally create stunning ready-to-wear wedding dresses from the French laces and silks, to create a fabulous boho, vintage gowns you'll love. The dresses all have a pretty nostalgic charm and rather wonderful price tags, starting from only £500! Amazing! P.S. Don't you just love the bougainvillea flower crown, and flapper-style sparkly head-scarf?

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