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Wednesday 5 September 2012

Real Brides Wedding Mood Boards

With so many of my friends' weddings coming up, I'm being bombarded with fabulous wedding theme ideas and wedding details. It's like a wedding inspiration overload, and it's made me realise how much individual creativity there is out there in the bridal community. So, I've decided to start a new feature on Before the Big Day called *Real Brides Wedding Mood Boards*. The idea is that you send me in the Mood Board you're using to theme and plan your wedding, and I publish it here on the wedding blog, so that all the other brides {and grooms}, can comment, enthuse, and generally feel inspired by your wedding ideas. Now it might be that you haven't exactly created a Board as such, but you do have an amazing Pinterest page. Either way, send over the details to me, and I'll create one out of your pictures. Alternatively, you could publish it direct to the Before the Big Day Facebook page. When you send it over, use this address, and add in your first name, where you're getting married {this can be as vague as you like}, your wedding colour palette, and a name for your wedding theme. To get you started, here's the mood board I used for my own Secret Garden Provencal wedding!

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Sunday 13 March 2011

Farmhouse Wedding Mood Board

Wedding mood boards aren't really my thing. 'What's a mood board I hear you cry!' Well it's one of these {see below}. The idea is that you collect all your favourite wedding ideas and images and put them together to indicate the atmosphere or mood that you'd like at your wedding. You can then show this to your florist, or wedding planner to help them understand what's going on in your mind. They're definitely worth doing for your own wedding, but I don't know if other bride's boards are all that inspiring. They're such a personal exercise. Well that's what I thought, until I saw this one from Postcards & Pretties - a fantastic US wedding blog that's well worth checking out. There's something about the combination of cabbages and wellies that I simply LOVE. I think it might be something to do with the fact I bought my mother the same wellies for Christmas. Does it inspire you? Should I be posting more mood boards?

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Sunday 6 March 2011

Spring Yellow Wedding Theme

Doesn't it feel like the first day of spring to you? We've got lovely golden sunshine in London town, and I'm going to take myself down to Colombia Flower Market and go bulb crazy. There's nothing prettier than planters of fresh daffodils, and I'm feeling hugely inspired by this heart-warming yellow shoot from inspirational e-zine Utterly Engaged.  The stylists have brilliantly illustrated how you can carry your theme from the invitation to cake, without going overboard, and yellowing people out. Plus picking flowers of all the same colour is a great way to add drama without ratcheting up the cost.

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Monday 7 February 2011

Strawberry Fields Wedding Theme

Despite the howling gales outside and the pouring rain, my thoughts have turned to summer - I guess I'm just good at going to my happy place!  But I've been helped along hugely by this the fifth edition of e-zine Utterly Engaged, and in particular, this feature of theirs inspired by strawberry shortcake.  So many ideas, in particular their use of layered linens to create a truly individual effect. In other words, a wonderful source of DIY wedding ideas - don't miss their monthly online magazines.

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Tuesday 26 October 2010

Midsommer Night's Dream

Huge praise has to go to Utterly Engaged for yet another excellent feature.  If you haven't checked out their online magazine before, click here, and enjoy!  I'm adoring this Midsommer Night's Dream-inspired piece - which should provide you with plenty of ideas to steal.  It's an inspirational gift that just keeps on giving.

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Monday 8 February 2010

Snippet & Ink Mood Board ♥2

A gorgeous citrus number for you for the start of this week. Kathryn over at Snippet & Ink has done wonders with this mood board, evoking the essence of sumer on a dreary winter's day. Get planning for those summer weddings, and check out Snippet & Ink for product credits and details. Don't forget you can make your own mood board over at the Style Me Pretty Style Circle, just add in all your fav pictures from this and other blogs, and set the tone for your wedding.

Sunday 31 January 2010

Lavender & Honey

The French definitely know their food and drink, and they're a pretty stylish bunch, but I'd recommend looking further than gay Paris for inspiration. Just north of the Cote D'Azur is gorgeous Provence, the land of lavender, olives, sage, rosemary and honey. Check these mood boards out for a veritable feast of stealworthy ideas.

Wednesday 27 January 2010

Snippet & Ink Mood Board ♥1

There's a fabulous wedding blog in the States called Snippet & Ink, and I've long admired author Kathryn's gorgeous mood boards. Here's her latest, entitled Juliet & Blue, which just makes me long for a summer garden wedding. Check out her site for all the picture credits. Meanwhile if you're keen to create your own board, click here for the magical Colour Palette Generator - it's amazing.

Wednesday 16 September 2009

Mood Boards

Looking for an colour palette? Got a colour in mind, but not sure how to develop it? This is the posting for you, as it includes all the Mood Board features from Before the Big Day en masse! A huge thanks must go to Kathryn from Snippet & Ink for many of the boards. Don't miss her blog! And if you're keen to create your own board, click here for the magical Colour Palette Generator - it's amazing. Meanwhile, for the creative among you, head over over to ulimate wedding blog Style Me Pretty, you can create your own boards.

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