Monday 16 January 2017

Planning Your Wedding: Day 1 of Wedmin

Did you know? More people get engaged on New Year's Eve than any other date bar Valentine's Day. And with one recently gone, and the other fast approaching, it's fair to say there's a lot of newly engaged girls walking around, admiring their sparklers. In my family alone, I've got two new brides-to-be, and I'm getting crazy-excited about potential dates, themes and photographers. So if you're feeling butterflies-in-the stomach happy, or indeed nervous about wedmin (wedding + admin = blogger-speak), here's one word of advice......Pinterest. Any ideas you might have, pictures you might like, photographers you spot - just save them onto Pinterest. It's the easiest way to save and share ideas. Check out my Before the Big Day Pinterest page to get you started, or for those of you who like to old-skool style stationery, here are a few of my favourite planners.

{I want this!} Personalised Foil Journal, £11.95 by Partridge & Bell - {hint! add their gorgeous foil pencils, for the perfect pairing}

{I want this!} Leather-bound journals, from £19 by Jackdaw Bindery

{I want this!} Bride-to-Be Notebook, £5 by The Green Gables

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