Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The Wedding Dress Hunt - Liz Fields

The price of wedding dresses these days is getting ridiculous. I'm convinced that many designers deliberately prey on brides and make them pay through the nose for their dream dress. If there's corsetry involved, then fair enough, but if you're buying a slip dress, then anything over £500 is outrageous! Luckily there are a few designers out there who offer gowns at affordable prices, without sacrificing quality, fit or style. Liz Fields is one of the best - she makes heavenly wedding dresses for cold and hot climates, with prices starting at $300. Her bridesmaid frocks are to-die-for, with over 900 customisable color combinations, even the most difficult maid will be happy! The only catch? You'll have to fly to the US or buy online, as Liz's dresses aren't stocked in the UK. But even if you don't buy one of her dresses, the next time a sales assistant gives you a price of £5000 for a gown, you know to walk away. I'm off to the Designer Wedding Show on Friday to look for my own dress, so it'll be interesting to see what I find. Follow me on Twitter for all the latest news from the show.

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  1. When it comes to weddings I think there are many unscrupulous suppliers that just make up their prices. Thankfully there's also lots of lovely ones!
    Good luck finding your dress!


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