Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Real Wedding: Libby & Weldon

This wedding has camels in it. It's the coolest wedding ever, and it's set in Marrakesh, and the bride wore emerald green. Did I mention the camels? Seriously - I'm beyond excited to bring this wedding to your attention! Libby and Weldon are world travelers and they knew they wanted their wedding to take place somewhere remotely fabulous. Marrakech in Morocco won the vote and they and their family hiked over from Texas for an unforgettable wedding. Check it out in all its wonder below. Huge thanks to Our Labour of Love for their massively inspirational photographs.


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  1. I'm very jealous - I LOVE camels. Not sure they'd work so well for my wedding in Kent though...

  2. This is such an awesome wedding...camels!? No way... Great find!


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