Friday 22 July 2011

Our Wedding List - Big Up for Heal's

The Boy and I have been living together for four years, so when we decided to tie the knot, we knew we didn't need all the basics. We have towels and a toaster, plus all the basic cutlery and crockery. However, everyone still recommended we should provide a wedding list, as otherwise you can end up getting duplicates of the same thing. Not so much of a problem when it's an identical duvet cover, but if it's an engraved chopping board, you can't exchange it for something else! So we decided to place our list with designer interior store Heal's, rather than the traditional John Lewis. We tried Selfridges first, but we found their online search engine impossible to navigate, so we switched. The Heal's Gift List online function isn't idea either, but if you go into the store, you can just go round with a notepad writing down what you want, and they add it to a list for you. You can then change it or add to it online whenever you want. Our presents all arrived on Tuesday, and it was like Christmas x 100. We've never felt so spoilt and so lucky as when 8 enormous boxes arrived, plus the bed that our guests had helped us to buy. The service was amazing - and I'd like to give a big up to Heal's and the wedding present team for all their help. Here are just a few of our fabulous presents!

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