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Wednesday 9 April 2014

Introducing Occa Home Wedding Gift List

Where are you going to host your wedding list? The afternoon my husband and I spent choosing all the items for our list is one of my favourite pre-wedding memories. We squabbled a bit over the mugs {I wanted pastel, he wanted bold}, but it felt like such a 'married couple' argument, that it was almost a romantic moment! Now, there's no need to traipse around the shops with a notepad - it's all gone online. My favourite website is the Occa Home Wedding Gift List. It's packed to the brim with over 20,000 stylish products, including 200 designer brands like Vera Wang for Wedgewood, Christian Lacroix Maison and Sophie Conran. I love the clean lines of the site - it's simple and easy to use, both for you and your guests. Here's my fantasy list {wish I could get married again!}, but be sure to take a look at Occa Home and pick your own favourites.

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Wednesday 3 April 2013

Introducing Stuffster Wedding Lists

One of the most amazing things about getting married is the phenomenon of the wedding list. When we celebrated our big day we were stunned at how many people wanted to buy us wedding presents, and at the generosity of our friends and family. To make it easy for our guests, and to make sure we didn't get duplicates of presents {hello three toasters!}, we created a list with one company, but we found it really hard to choose one that stocked everything that we wanted. So I'm thrilled to introduce this amazing shopping website called Stuffster, as a fantastic option for your wedding list. Stuffster doesn't just enable you to create a list from any website you want, it also helps you {or your wedding guests} find the cheapest price. There's three super-simple steps to follow...

1. Create a visual wedding wish list on Stuffster {they call them StuffBoards} where you can add any product from any website in the world
2. Set a budget and a target price that you're happy to pay for each item
3. Send an email to all your wedding guests sharing your Wedding List StuffBoard with them
4. Sit back, and wait for a Stuffster email to ping into your inbox alerting you somewhere on the web the price has fallen to what you're happy to pay.

It's also a great way to organise everything that you need to buy for your wedding, particularly if you're planning to DIY a lot of the wedding details, and with the Target Price function it can save you a fortune. It's a completely free service, so definitely worth trying out! Before you know it, you'll be creating Stuffboards for everything you want to buy, and saving money on every purchase.

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Thursday 13 December 2012

Pale & Interesting Wedding List

Have you ever looked at a picture in a magazine, and thought 'That's exactly what I want my wedding to look like'? Well I had that moment when I discovered Pale & Interesting. This fabulous shopping site has heavenly pictures to illustrate just how you can style your home {or wedding}, and all gorgeous products you need, right there to click and buy. Be warned, it's a very dangerous combination! The added benefit is that if you really fall in love with the Pale & Interesting style, you can even host your wedding in their American New England-style barn set in the heart of the Kent countryside. Plus they do wedding lists!

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Friday 22 July 2011

Our Wedding List - Big Up for Heal's

The Boy and I have been living together for four years, so when we decided to tie the knot, we knew we didn't need all the basics. We have towels and a toaster, plus all the basic cutlery and crockery. However, everyone still recommended we should provide a wedding list, as otherwise you can end up getting duplicates of the same thing. Not so much of a problem when it's an identical duvet cover, but if it's an engraved chopping board, you can't exchange it for something else! So we decided to place our list with designer interior store Heal's, rather than the traditional John Lewis. We tried Selfridges first, but we found their online search engine impossible to navigate, so we switched. The Heal's Gift List online function isn't idea either, but if you go into the store, you can just go round with a notepad writing down what you want, and they add it to a list for you. You can then change it or add to it online whenever you want. Our presents all arrived on Tuesday, and it was like Christmas x 100. We've never felt so spoilt and so lucky as when 8 enormous boxes arrived, plus the bed that our guests had helped us to buy. The service was amazing - and I'd like to give a big up to Heal's and the wedding present team for all their help. Here are just a few of our fabulous presents!

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Sunday 19 June 2011

Gorgeous Heart-Shaped Pottery Wedding Present

My husband and I {nope still not used to it!!} have just closed our wedding list, and are glowing in our guests' generosity. Some people who didn't even come to the wedding gave us presents - how kind is that! It's all slightly blown us away, and we can't wait to receive all our lovely gifts in a couple of weeks. This wedding business is something of a rush, as a bride, I can't quite believe you get an engagement ring, a gorgeous wedding dress, fabulous shoes, an amazing wedding day, a perfect handsome husband, and then people give you presents??? I feel like the treats should be spread out a bit more! We chose Heals for our wedding list, but if you're looking to go a bit more quirky, how about creating your own list with lots of gorgeous Etsy items on it? First on my list would be these gorgeous heart bowls from JD Wolfe Pottery - there's something about their earthenware nestling goodness that is right up my street.

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Monday 4 April 2011

Where to Wedding List?

Many moons ago, the wedding list  was designed to populate a couples' new home with the essentials.  Needless to say that has all changed, and now, you should see your list as an opportunity....

It may be that you'd like to add some delicious new decorate items to your home, in which case turn to the new Not on the High Street Wedding List.  They stock the most gorgeous variety of unusual items, including all the basics - plus they offer a fabulous personalised service.  If you pick them to host your list, please do quote my code 000156, as they'll give me a present!

Or it might be that you have a honeymoon to pay for and you're flat broke. In which case, your guests can send you off on the trip of a life-time thanks to companies like Honey Money or Honey Miles who organise a honeypot (cute!) to fund your holiday. Your friends and family can then donate money to pay for various experiences from safaris to scuba diving lessons and spa days.

But what if you're the charitable type? Well look no further than Oxfam Unwrapped, who have turned their Give A Goat programme into a delicious feast of graphic design, including favour cards to inform your guest you've donated a simple gift such as a soap or bucket on their behalf. In turn, instead of buying you a toast-rack, they can donate a chicken (£11) or even a camel (£285) to a needy family, and truly spread the love.

Alternatively, if you would fancy a few pressies, but want to make sure the products are sourced from Fair Trade producers, then list with Fair Gift, who promise a Wedding List with a Heart, plus hundreds of gorgeous products from around the world.

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Wednesday 16 March 2011

Introducing ZankYou Wedding Lists

As if getting married wasn't present enough, some genius person {probably an engaged one}, came up with the idea that wedding guests should give the newlyweds a gift. And as someone who's just started receiving wedding presents, I can tell you, it feels like the most amazing treat. I got a diamond ring, a designer wedding dress, an amazing wedding day, and now I get presents?! We should do this getting married thing more often! Originally wedding presents were designed to furnish a new home with crockery, cutlery and linen, but what if you don't really need anything? Well that's where Zankyou comes along to help you out. This fab website lets you create the wedding list of your dreams, where you can include anything you like, from your honeymoon, all the way to that toaster it turns out you actually do need. Then your guests contribute whatever they want to spend, and all the funds get transfered direct to your bank account. The site also gives you a whole range of useful wedding tools, including a personal wedding website, electronic RSVP for your invitations and a guest list management feature that easily converts into a table planner tool {a life-saver!}.

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Thursday 24 February 2011

Brilliant Wedding Website

If you're looking for wedding favours, decorations or just some good old wedding confetti, you should definitely check out this website. I've always been something of a fan of Not On the High Street, and now they've started a wedding list service, so you can snaffle some unsual wedding presents. They've got plenty of DIY wedding items as well - from rubber stamps to pretty ribbon.

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Tuesday 22 June 2010


A little bit kitch, a little bit cutesy, but a lot cool, I love these lamps! Unearthed by uber-cool style-boutique Caravan in Shoreditch, and available online, they're the latest in lighting. Decorate your rural themed wedding with a couple, and add a smidgen of forest fantasy. Alternatively, put them on your wedding list, and welcome them as low-maintenance pets into your home. Not just for Christmas, but for weddings too!

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Tuesday 18 May 2010

Not on the High Street

{Sponsored Posting} Isn't getting married just the best? You get a diamond ring, a wedding dress, gorgeous shoes, a fabulous party with all your favourite people, a luxurious honeymoon, and then, if you're really lucky, your guests give you presents. It's almost too good to be true! One wedding tradition that seems to be lasting the test of time is the list. Originally designed to make sure you don't get three toasters and two irons, it's morphed into something so much more sophisticated. Take Not on the High Street. They launched their wedding list service last year, and promise unusual and unique gifts, along with all the basics. Take a look at their website, and if you do decide to place your list with them, please quote code 000156, and if I'm lucky, they'll send me a present too!

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Tuesday 9 March 2010

Eco-Chic Week #3 - Website for the Weak

This gorgeous website is fresh from the south of France, stuffed full of chic home accessories. In La Pomme you'll find unique home décor items, like embroidered pillows, hand-stamped lavender sachets, and plush fruit toys for grown-ups. Designer, Apol Lejano-Massebieau, is big on making her work low-impact on the environment, and she recyles vintage linen, cotton and lace in her work. Perfect for wedding presents or favours and Mother's Day gifts, her site is well worth a visit. Check out her blog too!

Monday 21 December 2009

@ Website for the Weak @

I can't tell you how excited I was when I discovered the gorgeous shopping site, Happiness Itself. Owner Anita Kaushal clearly has an eye for the most wondeful things, and although not all of them are wedding related, just imagine how gorgeous the ceramic key-ring and Kiss Hoarder book could be as wedding favours. And if you're having a simple beach wedding, your bridesmaids could certainly wear the pure cotton lace-trimmed tops over silk skirts. Even the ruffle bag comes folded into the shape of a heart *sigh*.

Thursday 22 October 2009

Fresh from the USA

Woohoo!  Anthropoligie has finally landed in the UK, specifically on Regent Street in London.  Hugely beloved by brides and grooms in the States, it's now our turn to fall for its fabulous style.  It doesn't just sell products, it creates trends, and is the place to pick up shabby-chic accessories for your big day.

Tuesday 6 October 2009

@ Website for the Weak @

The Vintage Wedding List - Most of us have moved out from our parents' place by the time we get married, and that's what makes a wedding list seem slightly superfluous.  It's not like you haven't already bought cutlery and crockery, plus everything else that clutters up our cupboards.  So if you're not ready to exchange your old toaster for a new one, then register with the Vintage Wedding List.  It's one way to guarantee you'll start your married life surrounded by beautiful hand-picked pieces.

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