Wednesday 9 April 2014

Introducing Occa Home Wedding Gift List

Where are you going to host your wedding list? The afternoon my husband and I spent choosing all the items for our list is one of my favourite pre-wedding memories. We squabbled a bit over the mugs {I wanted pastel, he wanted bold}, but it felt like such a 'married couple' argument, that it was almost a romantic moment! Now, there's no need to traipse around the shops with a notepad - it's all gone online. My favourite website is the Occa Home Wedding Gift List. It's packed to the brim with over 20,000 stylish products, including 200 designer brands like Vera Wang for Wedgewood, Christian Lacroix Maison and Sophie Conran. I love the clean lines of the site - it's simple and easy to use, both for you and your guests. Here's my fantasy list {wish I could get married again!}, but be sure to take a look at Occa Home and pick your own favourites.

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