Thursday 24 April 2014

Bunting & Bathing Huts Wedding Stationery

If you love the traditional British world of bunting, bathing huts and camper vans, you're going to love the wedding stationery shop I've just discovered on Etsy. Something New Stationery is the brainchild of Jenni Bryan, and she's clearly taken inspiration from the British seaside. Just take a look at her lovely designs below! Her shop also stocks a huge range of colourful baking twine, at a reasonable price of £5 per spool. What's not to love?

Holiday Beach Huts Wedding Seating Plan, £45

Beach Hut Wedding Stationery, £2.50

Beach Huts Wedding Garland, £5

Camper Van Wedding Seating Plan, £45

Camper Van Wedding Invitation, £2

Camper Van Banner Garland, £5

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