Monday 4 April 2011

Where to Wedding List?

Many moons ago, the wedding list  was designed to populate a couples' new home with the essentials.  Needless to say that has all changed, and now, you should see your list as an opportunity....

It may be that you'd like to add some delicious new decorate items to your home, in which case turn to the new Not on the High Street Wedding List.  They stock the most gorgeous variety of unusual items, including all the basics - plus they offer a fabulous personalised service.  If you pick them to host your list, please do quote my code 000156, as they'll give me a present!

Or it might be that you have a honeymoon to pay for and you're flat broke. In which case, your guests can send you off on the trip of a life-time thanks to companies like Honey Money or Honey Miles who organise a honeypot (cute!) to fund your holiday. Your friends and family can then donate money to pay for various experiences from safaris to scuba diving lessons and spa days.

But what if you're the charitable type? Well look no further than Oxfam Unwrapped, who have turned their Give A Goat programme into a delicious feast of graphic design, including favour cards to inform your guest you've donated a simple gift such as a soap or bucket on their behalf. In turn, instead of buying you a toast-rack, they can donate a chicken (£11) or even a camel (£285) to a needy family, and truly spread the love.

Alternatively, if you would fancy a few pressies, but want to make sure the products are sourced from Fair Trade producers, then list with Fair Gift, who promise a Wedding List with a Heart, plus hundreds of gorgeous products from around the world.

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