Wednesday 6 April 2011

Real Spring Red-Themed London Wedding: Sara & Rich

Fabulous London bride, Sara, chose brilliant red as her signature colour, and check out her incredible wedding! From her crimson shoes, to her bridesmaids' sexy silk dresses, I'm crazy about every detail. This is another Dartmouth House wedding, and it's fast becoming my favourite venue in London - all the weddings there are so chic. Sara and Rich chose a London theme for their wedding, and as you can see from these pics, they made the City a guest at their wedding. They had a photo shoot on the streets of London, much to the enthusiasm of passing traffic. Other details to copy? Sara's incredible bustled dress, her elegant ribbon-rimmed veil and her gorgeous cascading orchid bouquet. Wow! Loving all the pictures, published with thanks to Justine Ferrari Photography.

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