Saturday 30 April 2011

Real Colourful Destination Wedding: Tori & Austin

Colourful weddings take a bit more confidence, but they always turn out gorgeous. So if you're a bride planning a rainbow colour palette, you're going to feel massively inspired by this fabulous real wedding. Set in Mexico, it has the real feel of a fiesta, full of fun, love and life. Plus, there are so many wedding ideas to steal! Check out the colourful napkins, the gorgeous handmade jewelled buttonholes and bride's bouquet, and the cute locket containing pictures of the couple's dogs. Throw in the photo-booth backdrop, the ribboned chairs and the giant Mexican hats, and you've got a wedding made in heaven! Gorgeous pictures published with thanks to the hugely talented Sarah Yates.

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  1. What a stunning wedding-loving the colours so fresh and bright-beautiful images!


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