Wednesday 13 April 2011

Before the Big Day Wedding Theme: English Tea Party

If you're a regular visitor to Before the Big Day, then you might have heard that I'm having two weddings. Yup, double the stress, double the fun! It's all down to not being able to get legally married in France, plus our grannies and granddads not wanting to make the journey all the way out there. We considered secretly heading down to the registry office, but as a wedding blogger, I felt it was almost my responsibility to have a proper themed, detail-filled wedding. So while in Provence we're going for a Secret Garden wedding theme, and in London, we've picked an English Tea Party theme. I say we, but we all know that The Boy has had very little input {I've tried, but not a flicker of interest}. The London wedding is SOON. Like 3 weeks away, on 5th May.  Anyway, this is all a huge preamble to me showing off my latest, gorgeous English Tea Party wedding accessories. What do you think?

P.S. If you're not a regular reader of Before the Big Day, and you're a newbie to wedding blogs, welcome!

Product Credits - Cake Stand & Cupcake Flags: Utterly Scrumptious via Party Pieces {Kate Middleton's parents' business!}, Large White Round Balloon: Balloon Allsorts {round and 17 inches - perfect!}

Product Credits - White Voile Bunting & Heart Sugar Cubes: Cox & Cox {follow me on Twitter for the code to give you 25% off}, Heart Doilies: Edible Glitter {although I found mine on Ebay}

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