Thursday 22 July 2010

My Wedding - The Theme

This is where I tell you all about planning my own wedding. After all, if I'm publishing all these Real Weddings, it's only fair I share my trials and tribulations. Read the rest of my wedding diary here.

In my last posting, I was getting very excited about stationery, but it all came to a halt when I realised that I actually needed to start making decisions. Now I'm sure loads of brides make their theme choices on the hoof, and in the end, the bits and pieces all come together perfectly, but I'm not that kind of bride. I like order. Order makes me feel in safe {!}, and as I don't have a great deal of confidence in my style, I'm keen to get it sorted well in advance. My inspiration boards helped, but I needed to narrow them down, and as I'm a wordy type of person, my ultimate mood board was a list of adjectives. And here they are!

Colours: sage green, soft grey, dusky pink and silver
Mood: light-hearted, relaxed, organic, garden wedding, large lawn, the scent of flowers at dusk, warm air, light breeze, laughter
Decorations: burlap and linen, giant tissue pompoms, fairy lights, huge white balloons, lanterns, bubble guns, thick luxurious ribbons, parasol, blackboard signs, brown string, rosemary sprigs, lavender sprigs, twine, sage, honey, olive oil, lavender bags, brown paper bags

Now all I needed to do was settle on a motif. I knew that I wanted to pick one symbol to hold everything together, and my list included Provencial images like a sprig of lavender or an olive tree, plus a vintage key or a monogram of our initials. Also, when The Boy proposed, he read out an exerpt from The Great Gatsby, with the line "a tuning fork against a star", which made me wonder about having a star motif. Ulimately, finding the venue helped me make up my mind. You have to go through two arches and a grand gate to get into the Chateau grounds. Add that to my love of gardens and literature, and you have a Secret Garden theme with a vintage key motif. To celebrate my decision, I went straight onto Etsy and bought a whole bunch of vintage keys, plus a vintage stamp - yippee! I was finally one my way to designing my wedding!

What motif did you choose for your wedding, and how did you come to your decision? Do leave a comment below!


  1. i LOVE the Key idea - it is GORGEOUS and you will be able to use it for so many things!

    We had 2 themes - the first and most important being 'Diamonds' as obviously - thats what we do - and every girl loves a bit of bling, and second London, as we both live and work in the city and just ADORE it! they worked really well together.

    Hope you have lots of fun planning your special day!

    MrsJKD. X

  2. Oh I love it!! Really, really love it. I got a little thrill when I read "Secret Garden" and vintage keys are the most gorgeous motif, you are going to have so much fun with them! And it gives you an excuse to go spend money on Tiffany's jewellery... ;)

  3. Thank you so much for your comments! I can't wait to go to Tiffany's and buy keys for my bridesmaids!

    Also, MrsJKD, love the idea of your London and diamond wedding theme - brilliant!

    Editor, Before the Big Day

  4. ah thanks! it worked really well!

    have you seen the Anna Lou of London key necklaces?

    obv not on a level with the Tiffany ones, but they are fun and i have the gold one and EVERYONE comments on it! it really is beautiful!

    just thought i would share ;o)

    MrsJKD. X

  5. If you need any more keys, let us know - I'm trying to clear things out ready for baby so I welcome any excuse to give away some of our (literally) thousands of keys :)

    Plus, we can get very pretty jewellery box/wardrobe keys (like the ones in your photo) wholesale.



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