Monday, 26 July 2010

Real Wedding: Kerry & Chris

The best weddings are those that reflect the couple, their shared passions and their individual quirks. Don't be shy to let your personality come through, it'll make your big day stand out from the crowd. For a fantastic example take a look at Kerry and Chris' fabulous wedding at Wokefield Park. They're both complete chocoholics, and as a consequence chose Cadbury's purple and yellow for their colour theme. I've never heard of a chocolate bar inspiring a wedding palette, but isn't it a genius idea? Imagine a Skittles-themed wedding, or a chic After Eight affair, of an Ambassador's Reception inspired by Ferrero Rocher! Other stealworthy ideas include the youngest bridesmaid's in-theme Converse sneakers (very sensible for dancing), the spectacular sparkler cake-cutting and the hilarious Photo Wall - a clever idea by talented photographers Lily & Frank.

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