Monday, 19 July 2010

Top Tip Week ♥7

If you're looking to save a few pennies for your honeymoon, then check out all of Before the Big Day's Top Tips. There's helpful moneysaving tips for everything from your flowers to your favours.

Top Tip ♥7
With fees for experienced snappers hitting £5000 a day, you might be tempted to forego a photographer altogether. Whatever you do, don't ask a friend to take the pics for you. They'll never do as good as job as a professional, and they won't enjoy your big day, because they'll be running around trying to get the 'perfect' shot. Instead, choose a short package from a local photographer, and ask them to come just for the ceremony and the start of the reception. Then set up a self-portrait area in the corner of your reception, complete with a dressing up box and a couple of empty frames, and encourage your guests to take hilarious pics of themselves. Use a clean white sheet or funky fabric as the background, and set up your digital camera on a tripod, and use the self-timer. You'll get a fantastic album of posed shots, rather than lots of slightly dodgy pics of people looking sweaty on the dance floor. Buy silly accessories like fake moustaches from online shop Whisker Works.

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  1. I love this idea! Would love to feature it on my blog! I'm getting married in Nov 2011 and think I'm definitely gonna do this :)

  2. Do go ahead and feature! I'm definitely going to buy some of these for my own wedding!

    Editor, Before the Big Day


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