Thursday, 8 July 2010

We ♥ Offers

One of the best things about running Before the Big Day is the discounts! The suppliers love BBD, we love them, you love them, it's one big cuddle-fest!

Get 5% off the amazingly effective nkd diet with the code bigday (exact spelling), and get a honeymoon-svelte body. Click here for more info on this bargainous deal! They say you can drop 2-3lb a week on the nkd diet. Sounds good to me.

Get 10% off gorgeous nature-inspired jewellery from Alex Monroe with the code Big Day. Fans include Sienna Miller, Emilia Fox, Thandie Newton and Lisa Snowdon to name just a few.

Get 10% off stunning jewellery and hair accessories from Your Something Borrowed with the code Big Day. See something you like? Borrow it for a fraction of the purchase cost!

Get 10% off amazing vintage furniture and home accessories from The Vintage Wedding List. Simply call and quote the code Big Day. This is the best place for original items for your wedding list.

Want to become a Sponsor of Before the Big Day?. Click here for more information.

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