Wednesday 20 July 2011

Engagement Rings Advice

It's surprising how many of my male friends say they don't want to get married because they're worried about the cost of an engagement ring. If only they knew that their girlfriend would be happy with a Hula Hoop, if only they'd propose! But there's no doubt that the boys do get the more expensive end of the deal, and many of them are nervous about going into jewellery shops, and getting laughed out the room because of their puny budget. Or course they don't need to worry, because engagement rings come in all shapes and sizes, and in all budgets. From solitaire diamond rings to multi-jewelled knuckle dusters, there's something out there for everyone. Here are a few of my hints and tips on how to buy wedding jewellery....leave this page open on your laptop, so they can 'accidentally' read it! Plus if you've got any advice, please do add it to the Comments section below.

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1. Traditionally a wedding ring should cost two month's salary before tax. I've heard some US jewellers suggest it should be three months!! But there in the UK it's definitely supposed to be two.

2. Lots of little diamonds give a really dramatic effect, but don't cost nearly as much as solitaire diamonds.

3. Coloured stones are often a cheaper option, but remember that diamonds match everything, and your bride is going to want to wear her engagement ring every day of her life.

4. If the clarity isn't perfect, don't worry. If the flaw can't be seen by the naked eye, then who cares!

5. Why not buy a smaller solitaire diamond ring for your proposal, and promise to replace it with a bigger rock when you've saved up the money? Your bride will be thrilled to be engaged - she won't care about the size of the rock.

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  1. I think it's sweet but old fashioned for the guy to get the ring himself, I much prefer the idea of the proposal and then getting to help pick out the ring!

    My partner has made comments before that he really wants to save up and get a ring 'as special as me' or something sweet and thoughtful like that, which is adorable but I have dropped hints that I want to wear my grandmother's 1920s vintage ring (which she gave me a few years ago), I just couldn't imagine anything else on my finger.

    But I definitely do agree that it causes a lot of guys to propose later than they might otherwise because they want to feel financially ready, which isn't wholly a bad thing!

  2. How much salary the ring costs shouldn't be an issue. Although on a practical note someone is going to have to pay for the wedding...

    Take the time to pick out something yourself that your partner will love wearing everyday.

    If its got a diamond in it of course its expensive, but its not about the money.

  3. I think two months salary is so excessive! Mine was half of one month's salary and I wouldn't change it for anything. It shouldn't be about how expensive it is!

  4. I agree on price not being an important factor. Vintage rings are cool and cost far less than a diamond solitaire - more individual too. We picked out our ring together, after the proposal - one way of making sure you get just what you want!

  5. The tradition, which has been thrown under a bus by the diamond marketers, is that an engagement ring was for a VIRGIN. So, if you are giving an engagement ring to a non-virgin, you are a dupe.

  6. @the.national.benefit.authority but that was probably in the days when ALL brides were expected to be virgins, in which case all got a ring...

  7. Great advice - the bride to be will also be the main focus (and rightly so). Most guys would opt the less expensive option in terms of a wedding band - so that more of the budget can be spent on the bride to be. That's why there's been a real rise in the popularity of palladium wedding rings. If the groom goes for a palladium band, the bride can have platinum and lots of diamonds.
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  8. Terrible advice Re: Price. The whole 'X months' idea was a marketing strategy by a diamond company.

    Get whatever you see as fit to do. The one I bought cost just under a months salary after tax. If I spent two months salary my other half would have killed me, given we are saving for a house...

  9. Nice advice though if you're on a budget and looking for ways to save a lot, here's some really useful tips on how to cut the cost


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