Monday 11 July 2011

My Vintage Tea-Party Themed London Wedding - Part 1

Deep breath! Here we go - my secret London pictures. Why secret? Well our 'real' wedding was in Provence, but legally we had to get married in London first. At first we thought we'd just sneak off on a Tuesday afternoon and get married privately with just two witnesses. But then our parents wanted in. And then we realised that the grandparents weren't going to make it out to France, so they snaffled invitations. And then, being a wedding blogger, I got all excited about a vintage tea-party wedding theme, and Chloe from Caught the Light offered to do our pictures. So before we knew it, we were planning two weddings. There were moments when I thought I'd bitten off more than I could chew, and there are a couple of things I would change, but when we said our vows, it felt pretty real, so I'm thrilled we had our family there watching. So how did I come to choose all my details? Well I've answered my own Before the Big Day Bridal Questionnaire, which I'll be publishing with Part 2 check out the blog tomorrow, or sign up to get it delivered {for free} to your inbox.

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  1. It feels like so long ago now that we've done your actual wedding, too. Amazing that it was only two months ago. Congratulations again, Mrs! x

  2. Beautiful! Love your dress..where is it from?? Sx

  3. Lovely images of what looks like a fantastic day.... looking forward to Part 2 tomorrow :)

  4. Beautiful - and absolutely loving the shoes!

  5. Congratulations, Georgia, you look so relaxed and beautiful! Can't wait to see more from the Provence celebrations :)

  6. Thank you for all your lovely comments!

    Suzi - the dress is from Rose & Ruby in Australia. Unfortunately they don't make dresses any more, but you can buy mine if you want!


    Editor, Before the Big Day

  7. My sister just sent me this link and I love the dress as well. Is it still available? Lovely photography too - I'll see if they are available for my wedding next june.
    Thank you!


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