Sunday 3 July 2011

Real Sea-Side Wedding: Jamie & Adam

If you plump for a nautical theme, it'll carry you on a huge wave (sorry) of inspiration. There's almost too many motifs to choose from, starting with blue and red, moving through stripes and then anything fish-themed. The secret is to only pick a few details, or else your big day will end up feeling like a Brighton fish-and-chip restaurant - all theme and no substance. Quirky couple Jamie and Adam totally kept their wedding within the boundaries of chic, using only a life buoy and the lighthouse as props, and serving an amazing lobster lunch for their guests. I love how they've used lots of different flowers, while keeping the colour palette plain white, and their fab retro car is just the bomb! Big thanks to the team at Our Labour of Love for their gorgeous photographs.

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  1. Really beautiful. Absolutely looks like an amazing day, with such attention paid to the details. like the last image shot. Thanks.


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