Monday 4 July 2011

Before the Big Day Paper-Bag Wedding Theme

'A paper bag?', I hear you cry. 'How on earth can paper bags be a good idea for a wedding theme?'. Well take a look at these pictures for some serious wedding inspiration. The humble paper bag can be many different things to many different brides. From menus to favour containers, the kraft paper bag comes in many creative guises. Add a touch of calligraphy and fill with special treats, and you've got an eco-friendly autumn wedding trend in the making. Pick up your paper bags at rock-bottom prices from Wholesale Paper Bags.

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  1. Hey - I'm a wedding photographer from Northern Ireland and I just wanted to agree with this post... I'm just finished doing a wedding with a bride whose whole wedding theme was centred around 100% natural and recyclable. When she first told me that was the plan, I'll be honest - I thought - "How can that look good?" But it was amazing. Everything was so earthy, brown and different... a very home made feel to it rather than plastics or metals. Very unique - thanks for the post :)

  2. I love this natural look currently. It's proving popular this summer. Live it.

  3. Some very creative wedding themes you defined here. I think almost all the brides will want to buy such creative bags to make their weddings memorable. Buy Dissertation


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