Saturday 16 July 2011

Just Married - How Will You Say It?

Traditionally the ushers tie tin-cans to the back of the wedding getaway car, but now there's so many other options to say 'Just Married' in a creative way. Brides and grooms often organise for their photographer to snap a pic of them holding a sign saying 'Just Married' as they make great prints for your thank you cards. But if you're going to go for that option, what's the best prop? Two of my friends left on sledges because it was so snowy, and I love the idea of getaway bicycles. Take a look at a few of these pics for more inspiration, and don't miss my picture boards at Pinterest for more fun ideas.

Photo Credits: {top collage} 1. Unknown, please get in touch if you know 2. via I Love SW Mag {bottom collage from top left, clockwise} 1. Unkown, 2. via Ruffled Blog, 3. Unknown, 4. Assassynation Photography 5. Ashley Forrette via Elizabeth Anne Designs

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