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Tuesday 9 June 2020

The Must-Have Accessory for Your Beach Wedding or Honeymoon

Only an optimist would plan a beachside wedding in Britain, and the weather is one reason why so many of us get married abroad. Some statistics suggest up to one in four couples arrange their big day in another country, and they're attracted by the prospect of perfect sunshine, a stunning location and usually a shorter guest list. 

Personalised Flip Flops by Flipside Flip Flops
If you do plump for a beach wedding, promise me you'll buy these flip-flops. For around £20, they come in a variety of designs, and they make for the best bridesmaids' and ushers' presents. If you're feeling flush you could buy them for all your guests as wedding favours, plus they're the perfect honeymoon accessory.

Looking for other items to add to your suitcase? We love this high-waisted bikini, this Just Married Leather clutch pouch, and this monogrammed beach bag personalised with your new initials.

Top picture by Anthony Tran

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Tuesday 30 June 2015

Your Honeymoon Must-Haves

The cake is cut, the confetti scattered, and the tin cans have clattered behind your getaway car. Your wedding is over, but there's no need to be sad, because your honeymoon is right around the corner! Whether you're planning a break in a Cornish beach hut, an exotic island escape or a luxury cruise - you're going to want to relax and recuperate after all the excitement. We escaped to a little house in the South of France, where we slept and sunbathed, ate French cheese, and drank rosé. It was bliss even when it rained! Here are a few of my honeymoon must-haves to ease you into your honeymoon, and if you're not getting married this summer, they'd work just as well for your holiday! Where are you off to this year?

{I want this!} Clockwise from Top Left 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9

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Wednesday 8 January 2014

Introducing Terrasenses Destination Weddings in the Galapagos & Andes

As a destination bride myself, it goes without saying I'm a huge fan of destination weddings. Whether you invite along your family and friends, or elope {so romantic!}, I figure the more exotic the location, the more memorable the occasion. That's why I'm delighted to introduce Terrasenses Destination Weddings. Terrasenses are fantastic travel company who specialise in exceptional holidays to Ecuador, and in association with Etica Events, they also offer destination weddings and amazing honeymoons. Whatever your budget, you can be sure their 'fairy godmother' planners will be on hand to create your perfect, personalised big day - be it intimate or deluxe! Terrasenses offers the most incredible wedding locations you can imagine, from a ceremony aboard a yacht moored off the unique Galápagos Islands, a wedding in the cloud forest, and even a weddingmoon in the Amazon. Terrasenses will organise everything on your behalf, and even offer creative suggestions for wedding decorations, organic menus and the perfect wedding stationery. Imagine a sunset boat cruise, an exciting jungle wedding, or a once-in-a-lifetime beachside ceremony on an exotic Ecuadorean island - it's the stuff dreams are made of! For more information, including suggested itineraries and brochures, take a look at Terrasenses Destination Weddings.

Thursday 19 December 2013

My Three Top Honeymoon Destinations

Right now I'm feeling sick with jealousy, as at least three couples I know are sunning themselves in either the Caribbean or Costa Rica. I almost can't look at Instagram, in the fear that another gorgeous shot of palm trees, will make me go green-eyed and grumpy. So I thought I'd get it all out of my system with a feature about the best beach honeymoon destinations. My husband and I were lucky enough to go travelling before we got married, so we've been to a lot of gorgeous places around the world. Here are my top three honeymoon hot-spots....I'll go back to dreaming now!

1. Bali - If you're looking for beauty on a budget, then Bali is your best bet. Balinese architecture is stunning, and nearly all their hotels have lush gardens, courtyards, and perfectly decorated rooms. Outdoor showers are a regular feature, and with the weather hovering at 30 degrees all year round, it's never too chilly to lather up among the greenery. Spend half your honeymoon in trendy beachside Seminyak learning how to surf, and half up in the stunning rice fields of Ubud, where you can start your day with yoga and a soya shake. If you're feeling more adventurous, then pop on a plane to nearby Lombok. Independent travel is easy, so book your flight, and research the perfect hotel on Trip Advisor.

2. Costa Rica - If your idea of the perfect honeymoon includes tropical beaches, lazy sloths and zipping through trees in pursuit of howler monkeys, then you'll L-O-V-E Costa Rica. My favourite resort is Santa Teresa, on the west coast, where you walk through the forest to a wild beach, studded with driftwood and the occasional giant turtle. Yoga and surfing are big draws here, and you'll love the boutique restaurants started by tourists-turned-locals. My husband and I spent a month here, practicing yoga every morning, eating delicious Thai curries and grilled fish, and reading a book a day. Bliss!

3. Maldives - It doesn't get more romantic than the Maldives. White sand beaches, arching palm trees, and crystal-clear, lightly-lapping water. Splash out on a resort holiday, and take a sea-planeto your own private island. I'd chose a room on stilts over the sea, so you can laze on your balcony and watch the tropical fish, without even getting wet!

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Monday 9 September 2013

How To Avoid Wedding Jet-Lag

Perhaps it's because I'm on holiday this week, but my thoughts have turned to honeymoons. My husband and I decided not to have one immediately after our wedding - our budget was bust, and we decided our money was better spent elsewhere {like champagne for our guests!}. And after all, a honeymoon is just a holiday, and we figured we could wait until we'd refilled our coffers. We couldn't have been more wrong. The feeling you get after your wedding is a unique combination of massive joy, extreme exhaustion, and huge deflation. It's like wedding jet-lag, and you need a honeymoon to avoid it. Just think, you've been planning your wedding for months, and now it's over. You need to get away, to get over the gap it leaves in your life! Obviously not all of us can afford to go on a tropical break, but even if it's a long weekend away, use your credit card, beg, borrow or steal...but book yourself a romantic break. And try to leave some money for new beachwear, or cheat and get married in your bikini - Pamela Anderson-style!

{Credit} Love this beach-ball confetti! Picture by Elaine Palladino Photography - more from this wedding on Ruffled Blog

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Friday 7 June 2013

Introducing HolidayCheck For Your Honeymoons

Our honeymoon wasn't quite what we had in mind! We'd spent most of our money on our destination wedding in France, so although we stayed in Provence, we couldn't splash the cash on a decent hotel, and then it rained. All very disappointing, but we counted our blessings that we had sun on our wedding day, and then headed off to gorgeous Greece for a second holiday a few months later! If you're looking at your wedding budget and wondering whether you'll be able to afford a honeymoon, make sure you get a fantastic deal via HolidayCheck. This fab website includes everything you need for a holiday: from travel offers, to hotel reviews, and honest pictures from other honeymooners and holidaymakers, so you know exactly what you're getting. HolidayCheck enables you to search by destination, and then pulls up the most popular hotels and things to do, including romantic restaurants and not-to-be-missed sights. It's a brilliant website for planning your honeymoon. P.S.....which honeymoon destination below most appeals to you - beach, ski or safari?

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Thursday 30 May 2013

Amazing Rainbow Honeymoon Shoot

So I need to come clean - I've actually posted this honeymoon shoot before, but my newborn baby has decided to have a growth spurt this week, so I've had no chance to do any blogging! Instead I bet on the fact some of you lovely brides-to-be might not have spotted this fabulousness in Before the Big Day's archives. Combining a rainbow theme and hot air balloons, it's a dreamy concoction that ticks every one of my blogging boxes. Shot by Jose Villa, and style by Joy Thigpen, it's too perfect for words. Don't you wish you could be swept away in a hot air balloon the morning after your wedding? So romantic! P.S. For more from Before the Big Day's archives, be sure to take a look at our Real Weddings, Wedding Themes and 2013 Wedding Trends.

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Friday 24 May 2013

The Best Honeymoon Passport Covers

When it came to my wedding, I was all about the minutiae. There wasn't a wedding detail too small - I obsessed over everything. And I reckon these passport holders are going to divide the readers of Before the Big Day into two camps. You're either like me {a bit of a weird wedding obsessive} and you think love the idea of heading out on your honeymoon with personalised passport covers, OR you think people like me are slightly insane, and you definitely can't see the point. But I love them, so if you're in my camp, pick these up from RMC Studios, or there's tonnes more here! P.S. Don't forget to get your travel vaccinations if you're going somewhere first!

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Tuesday 19 February 2013

Introducing SeyVillas Seychelles Honeymoons

After months of winter, I'm really longing for some sunshine, and with my giant pregnancy bump {6 weeks to go and counting}, it's not like I can just jump on a plane somewhere hot. Instead, I'm dreaming about where we can go on holiday next, and there's nowhere more romantic than the Seychelles. I reckon we're due a second honeymoon once the baby is born, and I've been exploring the amazing options offered by SeyVillas. They've got all sorts of options, from small guesthouses and hotels, yacht-stays and personal villas. For true luxury and perfect privacy, I'd be really tempted to go for our own intimate island, although with options starting at just over £100 a night, there's plenty of choice for the post-wedding wallet! Take a look at SeyVillas' tailor-made island hopping packages, and fantastic advice on getting married in the Seychelles - the website will have you drooling, and reaching for that Book button!

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Tuesday 24 July 2012

Unique Etsy Weddings: Luva Huva Honeymoon Lingerie

Every day this week I'm going to introduce one of my favourite UK Etsy wedding sellers. Tuesday is Day 2, and it's honeymoon lingerie time. Lovely UK designer Luva Huva makes beautiful, soft and sexy underwear and loungewear - perfect for relaxing on your honeymoon. Boutique-owner, Joanna Ketterer uses 100% organic cotton, bamboo, and soy fabrics, along with end of line remnants, and vintage lace to create these pretty pieces, and all the products are handmade in the UK. Check out the Luva Huva website for more of their range.

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Thursday 12 April 2012

Rainbow Honeymoon Underwear

We don't often feature wedding or honeymoon underwear on Before the Big Day, but I couldn't help myself when I spotted this lovely rainbow selection from Fox & Rose. It would definitely be worth picking up a couple of these pretty sets for your romantic honeymoon. Which one would you pick? I'm loving the yellow Eberjey set {second from the left}. I'd also want to buy this kaftan, for my beachside lounging {from}.

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Tuesday 14 February 2012

Honeymoon Underwear

Personally I go through underwear fazes. I'll not buy any for ages, and then I'll suddenly despair of my greying knickers and unstructured bras, and go on a shopping frenzy. On your wedding day your knickers will be more about function than fun, but for your honeymoon, you'll want to treat your husband! One of my recent secret discoveries is Ann Summers. Have you checked out their new ranges recently { for lingerie}? There's something for every taste, including a gorgeous selection of white, every-day lingerie sets, alongside the {gulp!} adult toys. And the price will suit even the most wedding-busted budget!

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Wednesday 26 October 2011

My Fabulous Fitness Weekend at Bootique

All this week I've been eating yoghurt for breakfast instead of cereal, and you know what, I feel a lot slimmer as a consequence. So why this sudden turn away from cornflakes? Well it's all thanks to the incredible weekend I spent at my friends' new project - Bootique in Majorca. Run by Alice and Angus {personal trainer and chef and engaged couple}, Bootique is a tailor-made holiday with at twist, where Alice trains you to within an inch of your life, and Angus feeds you healthy {but delicious} food. We went for a long weekend, and somehow managed about five hours of exercise a day without collapsing. In the gaps between Pilates classes, power-plate sessions and treks in the Majorcan hills, we relaxed around the gorgeous pool, sipping herbal tea and watching dragonflies dart around the tropical garden. Truly a heavenly experience, and one I can't recommend enough to brides-to-be for last-minute slimming or healthy hen weekends. And the best thing? It inspires you to be healthier at home - it's not just yoghurt I've started eating, I've even learnt how to cook quinoa.

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Thursday 15 September 2011

Introducing Mahlatini Luxury Safari Holidays & Honeymoons

What type of honeymoon are you dreaming about? Believe me, you'll want to go somewhere super special, with a good dose of relaxation at the beginning. We actually delayed our honeymoon till today {yippee, leaving on a jet plane!}, but I actually wish we'd honeymooned straight away. You need a treat, otherwise you can feel a bit flat after your wedding day ends. There's tonnes of holiday companies offering honymoons of every hue, but one of my favourites is Mahlatini. They're specialists in luxury African travel, and every one of their honeymoons look incredible. From Botswana to Zambia and plenty of countries from the middle of the alphabet {including the Maldives and Mauritius}, they'll recommend the very best hotels and lodges, in the very best locations. They're honeymoon specialists, and even offer a HoneyMoney service, where your guests can contribute to your honeymoon instead of buying you presents. What will you choose? Safari or resort, or both? Take a look at their dream-inducing website here Mahlatini.

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Friday 29 July 2011

Honeymoon-Perfect Bikinis

Anyone else hate shopping for bikinis in the shops? There's something uniquely horrible about the lighting, and they never have the size you want. That's why I bought my honeymoon bikinis online, so that I could try them on in my own bedroom, without banging my elbows into the mirror. Have I mentioned I'm incredibly clumsy? Well I'm the first to fall over when I'm putting one leg through a pair of bikini bottoms. Try Simply Beach - you can sort in size, colour, brand and price. I've just bought a lovely striped number for my next holiday.

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Monday 9 May 2011

Honeymoon Heaven

You've vowed, toasted, cut cake, dance and drunk copious quantaties of champagne. The blooms on the bride's bouquet are wilting a bit, and your Uncle Ned is doing the funky chicken dance to in a conga line with your in-laws. It's time to leave, but you don't want your big day to be over, and it's all passed too fast. This is why you need a dream honeymoon to anticipate - even if you've just had to remortgage your flat to pay for the reception. There's hundreds of companies out there to help you on your way, but I've got two favourites - the first being Black Tomato.

From their 'Won't Break the Bank' breaks to 'Out of this World' super-lux holidays, this boutique travel company will create a bespoke travel experience anywhere in the world - just for you. Their website is pretty cool too - even if you're not getting married there's loads of fab vacation ideas.

Next up is uber-cool boutique hotel specialists Mr & Mrs Smith. If you're looking for Superman levels of romance, you'll be wanting one of their jaw-dropping hotels, where four-poster beds and star-lit champagne dinners are just the start of it. What's more, if you want the whole Mr & Mrs Smith experience, they can recommend venues for your big day, and even host a honeymoney wedding list. P.S. Wherever you go, don't forget to check what travel vaccinations you need. Nothing worse than getting ill on your honeymoon!

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Friday 19 November 2010


Honeymoons are the best bit of getting married. After you've gathered all your favourite friends and family together in one space, and felt the love, and talked till your hoarse, there's nothing better than escaping somewhere exotic where it's just you and your Boy. First up you'll need a sexy boutique hotel {my pick is via Mr & Mrs Smith}, second you'll need travel insurance, and third you'll need some seriously gorgeous beachware. Here are a few of my favourites thanks to Net-a-Porter.

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Friday 5 November 2010

Wedding Night Knickers

Normally it's a bit naff to have your name printed on knickers, but when it comes to gorgeous silk wedding lingerie, it's a complely different matter. Check out these gorgeous bespoke, embroidered panties from Lipstick Effect. Discovered by Lipstick's founders, Zoe and Polly, they're the perfect addition to your honeymoon wardrobe.

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