Thursday 30 May 2013

Amazing Rainbow Honeymoon Shoot

So I need to come clean - I've actually posted this honeymoon shoot before, but my newborn baby has decided to have a growth spurt this week, so I've had no chance to do any blogging! Instead I bet on the fact some of you lovely brides-to-be might not have spotted this fabulousness in Before the Big Day's archives. Combining a rainbow theme and hot air balloons, it's a dreamy concoction that ticks every one of my blogging boxes. Shot by Jose Villa, and style by Joy Thigpen, it's too perfect for words. Don't you wish you could be swept away in a hot air balloon the morning after your wedding? So romantic! P.S. For more from Before the Big Day's archives, be sure to take a look at our Real Weddings, Wedding Themes and 2013 Wedding Trends.

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  1. Some incredible pictures, my daughter is looking for a photographer for her wedding and some ideas for photo shoots, this has been a great help! Do you know if Jose Villa has a website? Thank you for sharing this post.

  2. He certainly does! It's

    Editor, Before the Big Day

  3. the use of the ballon really helps with the colour of the dress. Fresh airy and colourful, lovely

  4. What abrilliant idea for a honeymoon shoot - the colours are spectacular and really give this shoot a punchy feel! Love it...

  5. How cool to have a hot air balloon in a photo-shoot like this. A perfect prop and background. I hope you got a ride in it:)

  6. I can just imagine the picture of the bride & groom floating away into the sunset, with their champagne glasses in their hands! What romantic pictures those would be!


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