Tuesday 21 May 2013

A Tale of Two Wedding Flower Trends

There are two huge trends in wedding flowers next season; big and beautiful, or little and often. Momentarily confused? I'm talking about table flowers! If you're celebrating your big day in the next year, then your florist is probably going to suggest two options for your wedding flowers; either one large floral display per table, or lots of little ones. I went for a multitude of different glass vases at my wedding, all containing white blooms. The effect was sweet and feminine, and it all came in at a reasonable price, and our florist ensured same day flower delivery. But if you prefer your floral displays large and dramatic, then you'll probably looking at a slightly more expensive option. Which do you prefer? For the most romantic flowers, check out this Wikipedia list on the Language of Flowers. Would you believe daffodils represent unrequited love?

Photo Credit {above} - Big and beautiful wedding flowers by Jessamyn Harris

Photo Credits {above} - Little and often wedding flowers in mismatched vintage vases by We Love Pictures

Photo Credits {above} - Little and often wedding flowers in colourful glass vases by Simply Bloom Photography

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  1. We can certainly confirm (as a wedding florist) that the trend for small and often is getting popular for next year. The intimate feel of small multiple jars, jugs, bottles etc filled with just a few pretty flowers is one we can vouch for. We feel this look particularly suits the more country / vintage type of wedding. Of course, there is still a place for the single centre piece that can be just as fabulous!

  2. Fantastic to hear from a wedding florist! I love the little but often trend!

    Editor, Before the Big Day


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