Monday 9 September 2013

How To Avoid Wedding Jet-Lag

Perhaps it's because I'm on holiday this week, but my thoughts have turned to honeymoons. My husband and I decided not to have one immediately after our wedding - our budget was bust, and we decided our money was better spent elsewhere {like champagne for our guests!}. And after all, a honeymoon is just a holiday, and we figured we could wait until we'd refilled our coffers. We couldn't have been more wrong. The feeling you get after your wedding is a unique combination of massive joy, extreme exhaustion, and huge deflation. It's like wedding jet-lag, and you need a honeymoon to avoid it. Just think, you've been planning your wedding for months, and now it's over. You need to get away, to get over the gap it leaves in your life! Obviously not all of us can afford to go on a tropical break, but even if it's a long weekend away, use your credit card, beg, borrow or steal...but book yourself a romantic break. And try to leave some money for new beachwear, or cheat and get married in your bikini - Pamela Anderson-style!

{Credit} Love this beach-ball confetti! Picture by Elaine Palladino Photography - more from this wedding on Ruffled Blog

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  1. So true! I have never been so exhausted following our wedding. A trip to Mexico was definitely needed.

  2. i agree! so true :)))


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