Monday 16 September 2013

Celebrating London Fashion Week - British Bridal Designers

I can always tell when it's London Fashion Week because the streets of Shoreditch around my house are suddenly full of people looking very self-conscious. They might be doing something as boring as taking a call on their mobile or drinking a coffee from Starbucks, but they're doing it as if everyone is looking at them. And they're usually dressed in something slightly silly, but very fashion-forward, with an oddly shaped hem! But it's important to celebrate the bonkers fashion world, because it's thanks to London-based designers that the UK is so famous for its brilliant bridal collections. And that means we don't have to travel abroad to buy the best for our weddings. So all this week, to mark London Fashion Week, I'll be celebrating the best of British Bridal Designers. Keep your eyes peeled for some seriously impressive wedding dress inspiration.

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