Monday 30 September 2013

Amazing Boutonniere Button-Holes for your Hubby

As I was writing up my recent {and fabulous} feature - 100 Ideas to Personalise Your Wedding, I realised that Before the Big Day neglects grooms. It's true, they're often not as interested in weddings as future brides, but I figure the more attention we pay them, the more likely they're going to get infected with our wedding enthusiasm! So when I discovered these incredible buttonholes or boutonniere {the French term now also used by Americans}, I had to feature them on the wedding blog! They're made by Tim Fritts & Erin Rosenow {aka Fritts Rosenow} in San Fransicso, and they're completely handmade and bespoke. So if you visit their shop, and you don't see a boutonniere that will work, then contact them, and they'll mock up something spectacular!

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