Thursday 15 September 2011

Introducing Mahlatini Luxury Safari Holidays & Honeymoons

What type of honeymoon are you dreaming about? Believe me, you'll want to go somewhere super special, with a good dose of relaxation at the beginning. We actually delayed our honeymoon till today {yippee, leaving on a jet plane!}, but I actually wish we'd honeymooned straight away. You need a treat, otherwise you can feel a bit flat after your wedding day ends. There's tonnes of holiday companies offering honymoons of every hue, but one of my favourites is Mahlatini. They're specialists in luxury African travel, and every one of their honeymoons look incredible. From Botswana to Zambia and plenty of countries from the middle of the alphabet {including the Maldives and Mauritius}, they'll recommend the very best hotels and lodges, in the very best locations. They're honeymoon specialists, and even offer a HoneyMoney service, where your guests can contribute to your honeymoon instead of buying you presents. What will you choose? Safari or resort, or both? Take a look at their dream-inducing website here Mahlatini.

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