Friday 9 September 2011

Real DIY Bride Wedding: Jane & Joe

Sometimes when we describe a wedding as a DIY wedding, we mean that the bride and her family arranged the flowers, or printed the stationery, or a few of the extra details. Gorgeous bride Jane is a true DIY bride, in that she did everything herself. She designed the centerpieces, she made her crazy amazing bejewelled Billie Holiday hair flowers, and she even MADE HER WEDDING DRESS. Incredible! She didn't stop there - the flower girl dresses, the bow ties and the bridesmaids dresses - all DIY'd by this hands-on bride. For yet more wedding inspiration, look no further than the fabulous table decorations {always love mason jars}, the sweet peach colour theme, Jane's peony bouquet, and all the handsome men in uniform. Love it - all of it! Huge thanks to Punam Bean for her beautiful photographs.

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  1. Still planning for our wedding and was thinking of a nice wedding car until we came up with a Lamborghini:) Anyway, my best friend said she'll give me a 100 percent personalised gift and asked for me and my boyfriend's picture. Yestrday, she came up to my doorstep and I was surprised with what I saw with her when I opened the door. It was a huge standee of me and my boyfriend!!! And the coolest part is that it looked very real! haha:) She said she did it herself. Will put it in the hallway for our wedding reception. She got the instructions on how to do it from Hope you enjoy yours as much I am enjoying and liking ours!hope this helps:)


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