Tuesday 6 September 2011

Real Italian Wedding: laria & Egidio

Italian weddings are the best! The food is always fabulous, the guests warm and friendly, and they have a few of their own traditional touches. The gorgeous Iaria celebrated her marriage to Egidio in her home village of Episcopia. As traditon dictates, ahead of the ceremony, the groom and all his family arrived at the bride's house to give her flowers {beautiful hydrangeas} and to accompany her to the village church. Then after the ceremony the entire wedding party paraded through the streets, and the whole village came out to wish them well. I'm loving Ilaria's wedding transport - her cute vintage Fiat, with special wedding seat covers stitched by her mother Maria, and the massive round cake - another Italian tradition. Serious kudos has to go to the happy couple for choosing an incredible venue for their reception. Just check out those views! Beautiful pictures published with thanks to Justine Ferrari Photography.

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  1. Brilliant, I thought it would never happen but after seeing what would be the cutest and best wedding car on holiday in Rome you have a wedding with a fiat 500! Love it!!!! x Here's the pic I took....


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