Wednesday 2 May 2012

Real Spring Snowdrop Wedding Video: Stephanie & Gary

One of my biggest regrets from my wedding day is that we didn't choose a wedding videographer. Our budget was super-tight, and it was one of those things that slipped under our radar. I always thought wedding videos were long interminable things that no one ever actually watched after their wedding day. But that's all changed now, as wedding videographers have become more professional and downright fabulous. I'm particularly keen on the 'trailer-style' wedding shorts that videographers produce. These three minute wonders squish all the fabulousness of your wedding into a short and sweet video that you can forward to your friends and family by email, as a reminder of your big day. I'm loving the emotions caught this wedding video by Your Perfect Day, it made me well up to watch Stephanie and Gary say their vows - they look so happy! Get involved with the glimpses of all their wedding details - there's tonnes of stealworthy ideas - from Stephanie's gorgeous lacy wedding dress and Faith shoes, to the dessert buffet, menus, caricaturist, hyacinth ceremony flowers, luggage tag placemarkers and the fab succulents in Stephanie's bouquet and the ushers' buttonholes. Whew - now that's a whole lot of wedding inspiration in only three minutes!

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  1. Georgia, what a lovely post!

    The trailer is definitely a great thing to share with family and friends and also to just watch whenever you need a little reminder of the big day, without putting on the full wedding video.

    Thank you so much for your kind comments. Richard and Craig did an amazing job and I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs a fresh and contemporary wedding film.


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