Tuesday 29 May 2012

DIY Bride - Homemade Spray Painted Vases

Tempted by the sunshine and a spray-can of gold paint, I felt inspired to try an easy DIY wedding project yesterday. I've seen tonnes of spray-paint DIY projects on Pinterest, and I figure it couldn't be that difficult. So out came an old jar, tonnes of newspaper and a lovely bunch of ranunculus. Three minutes later, I had the perfect gold vase - it couldn't have been easier! Take a look at the instructions below and please excuse my dreadful pictures - I'm definitely not a budding photographer. P.S. This would work just as well with pastel paints, or whatever colour suits your wedding style.

1. Prepare your work space by spreading out tonnes of newspaper, cleaning any old labels of the jam-jars and shaking up your spray-paint. I bought my spray-paint locally, but you can pick up every colour in the rainbow for £3.20 each from GraffCity.

2. Don't do this on a windy day. The paint has a tendency to drift in the breeze.

3. Pick the jar up by spreading your fingers wide in the brim, so you're not touching the outside of the jar.

4. Evenly spray on the paint, from a distance of about 12cm. The secret is in keeping it even. Too much and you'll get dribble marks, which can look quite cool, but I wanted a matt effect. Twist the jar around so you can spray every side.

5. Leave to dry for much longer than you want. I didn't do the bottom of the jar, so I left it sitting on the newspaper in the sunshine.

6. And now you're done! I hardly used any paint, so it's a seriously cheap and easy wedding DIY project.

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