Monday, 14 May 2012

Rain On Your Wedding Day

After one sunny day, we're back to rain again. So although I wish for you to have sunshine on your wedding day, it's probably best if you plan for a wet day, just in case. That way, you won't be sad if you get a spot of drizzle. To cheer you along, here's some fabulous rainy wedding inspiration, collected via Pinterest. There's some great ideas for rainy wedding day portrait pictures, and some fabulous wellington boots! Click here for the Pinterest board for tonnes more gorgeous images.

{Photo Credit} Caitlin Thomas Photography

{Photo Credits} BDG Photography & Fotopastele

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  1. Oh fab wellines! I was lucky enough that the best man held an umbrella over me recently, but if the weather carries on like that I'll have to buy a camera umbrella!

  2. I always feel so sorry for wedding photographers on wedding day!

    Editor, Before the Big Day


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