Thursday 5 April 2012

Engagement Ring Tips for Boys

I have a secret to admit. I looked at wedding blogs before I got engaged. I know, less before the big day, and more before the proposal. However, I reckon I'm not alone.... So if you're not quite engaged, then it might be worth leaving this page open on your laptop, for your boyfriend to spy.... Buying an engagement ring is a big deal for a guy - not least because after his home and his car {bicycle?}, it's likely to be the most money he's spent at one item. So here are some fabulous Engagement Ring Tips for the man in your life, all thanks to our amazing wedding blog jewellery expert, Savannah from BL&T Fine Jewellery. Check out her other posts.

{Photo Credit} Sakura Photography via Modern Weddings

{Savannah} My Engagement Ring Tips for Boys

1. Think about your future wife's character? Is she outdoorsy and active? Yes? This means you'll want a practical engagement ring i.e. don't go for a massive rock, and choose a low setting.

2. Does she like larger jewellery statements? Yes? Think about a big rock. If you haven't got the budget for a massive diamond, read my posting on How to Buy Your Engagement Ring on a Budget

3. Listen and log any previous hints {has she mentioned liking a friend's engagement ring?}.

4. If you can do it yourself and not involve your future wife, you'll find it easier to keep the budget where you want it's more romantic!

5. Think about engaged or married friends – you don’t want to buy a similar ring.

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  1. Love the engagement ring and wedding rings, so pretty. Engagement ring tips are very useful, so important to get the perfect diamond ring

  2. These tips are very useful, so it's more important to get the perfect diamond ring.


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