Sunday 22 April 2012

Before the Big Day at The In Wedding Show

We've had such an amazing day over here at Before the Big Day Towers! It was the day of The In Wedding Show, and our first time as an in-house wedding blogger. We had such a fabulous time meeting all the brides and grooms and their family, and our free wedding inspiration sessions were a huge hit. If you're here to find out all the nitty-gritty from the wedding show sessions, stay tuned, because I'll be writing them up soon, right here in the blog.....including the all-important pom-pom tutorials. I've never seen such passion for pom-poms!! Huge thanks to Pom Pom Factory for their help in providing so many of my decorations, and for Anges de Sucre for the fabulous macaroon tower. All other decorations designed right here by Before the Big Day.

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  1. Was great to meet you. Have caught up with all the jujuziiing and DIY on the blog and have added you to my reading list!
    Looking forward to finding out about those letters

  2. Well done Georgia... stand looks great! :)

  3. Beautiful stand! Anges de Sucre is so happy to have had a spot on it! :)


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