Thursday 2 January 2014

Wedding Trends of 2014 - Pantone's Radiant Orchid

For those of you who don't follow the Colour of the Year {where have you been??!!}, it's the shade named each year by the colour company Pantone. Last year it was all about Emerald Green, and 2012 was all about Tangerine Tango. This year, the colour is Radiant Orchid, a warm purple with pink undertones, which apparently radiates great joy, love and health. Hmmmm....generally I'm a little sceptical about colour companies and their claims, but Pantone is pretty authoritative on trends, and I can guarantee similar purple colours will crop up across the wedding world throughout 2014. The added benefit is that it's a lot more wearable than Emerald Green or Tangerine {!}, and your bridesmaids won't mind wearing a radiant orchid gown, or carrying bouquet of pretty purple flowers! Here are a few of my favourite on-trend wedding details. P.S. I'm very pleased to point out that my blog uses radiant orchid as one of its accent colours....sooooo on trend it hurts!

{I want this!} Clockwise from Top Left
1. Purple Bridesmaid Maxi Dress by Blush Fashion, £98.49 | 2. Antique Victorian Amethyst Ring by Maejean Vintage, £430.50 | 3Glitter Heart Cake Toppers by Gnomes Whimsy, £6.19 for 24 | 4. Bridesmaid Purple Anemone Hair Clip by KisforKani, £17.96 | 5. Yippee Penant Flag by Betawife, £30.97, | 6. Three Blackberry Pie Paper Pom Poms by Pomtree, £7.43

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