Tuesday 28 January 2014

Nine Reasonable Engagement Rings

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, thousands of girls across the country are crossing their fingers that 14th February 2013, will be lucky for them. So to whet your appetite, here are some of the prettiest engagement rings from independent Etsy sellers. The best thing? They're all under £250. 'Accidentally' leave your browser open on this page so your boyfriend gets the hint!

{Ring Credits}
Top row - 1. Gold Pearl Ring by Artemer 2. Engagement Rings by Annelis Jewelry 3. Rainbow Moonstone Ring by Secret Charm
Middle row - 1. Yellow Gold Faceted Heart by Every Bear Jewel 2. Aquamarine Engagement Ring by Dalkullan Jewelry 3. Triangle Diamond Ring by Artemer
Bottom row - 1. Love Ring by Fabulous Wire 2. Golden Bunny Ring by Every Bear Jewel 3. Micro Pave White Diamond Ring by Louisa Gallery

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