Tuesday 21 January 2014

Wedding Trends of 2014 - Chill-Out Areas

I don't know about you, but I've been known to get a little tired at weddings. If you think about it, they're something of an endurance test - take in their duration...at least 12 hours, and what you're wearing....sky-high heels and a glamorous {breathe-in!} dress, then throw in the fact you're fed copious amounts of champagne and food.....and it's not surprising some of us might want a little rest half way through the celebrations. I'm not suggesting you supply comfortable mattresses for your guest, but maybe a little chill-out area? I started spotting them at weddings a few months ago, and now they're everywhere. Definitely a trend for 2014 - all you need to decide is your style of chill-out zone. Will you go shabby chic with your mum's old Laura Ashley sofas? Or how about Gentleman's Club style - with lovely vintage leather Chesterfields? Or a zen beach vibe, with lots of squishy bean-bags? Either way, take pity on your friends' feet, and provide a little comfort. More ideas on my Pinterest board & Facebook page.

{Photo Credit} Ashley Maxwell - see the rest of this wedding on Green Wedding Shoes

{Photo Credit} Ulmer Studios - see the rest of this wedding on Green Wedding Shoes

{Photo Credit} Pat Dye Photography - see the rest of this wedding on Rock n Roll Bride

{Photo Credit} Unknown

{Photo Credit} Unknown

{Photo Credit} Unknown

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