Saturday 18 January 2014

Wonderful Wedding Blog Web Links

What are you up to this weekend? Starting your wedding planning? My husband and I are going to see American Hustle, as a rare date night since Ivo was born nine months ago. I'm going to stuff myself with popcorn, and be that annoying rustling person in the front row. Then on Sunday we'll head out to Columbia Road Flower Market, so I can fill the house with Dutch tulips and cut-price daffodils. Then all week I'll pretend spring is nearly here! Hope you have a fabulous break - here are a few of my favourite wedding blog links from this week.

{Photo Credit} Susan Stripling - see more from this Vintage Flower Market inspired wedding on Green Wedding Shoes

♥ Easy wedding DIY - chalkboard projects
♥ Oh my! This bride is elegance personified. And I love her ballet shoes.
♥ Is your pet going to come to your wedding? Here's a great DIY floral wreath to make sure they look the part!
♥ Seriously cool {if messy!} idea for an engagement shoot
A perfect luxe monochrome wedding
♥ A stunning library themed wedding for a couple who both work in publishing!
♥ Love this Hansel & Gretel themed wedding shoot - look out for the tiny-weeny little mushroom!
♥ Remember my post on sequins being on trend for 2014 weddings? Well this couple are ahead of the curve!
♥ An Irish botanical themed wedding shoot
♥ A great wedding combination of industrial AND shabby chic - who'd have thought it!
♥ All my 2014 Wedding Trend posts so far.....

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